Can’t See A Quiet Place II yet, but A Quiet Place 3 Is Already Planned for 2022 Release

A Quiet Place is venturing further down the sequel path.

Fairly common practice for horror films. Halloween the reboot by Blumhouse already has the next two films in the new trilogy planned for release, so why not follow a similar path?

A Quiet Place 3 — a stand-in for the actual title, which has not been announced — is currently scheduled for a 2022 release date. Luckily, Nichols has a lot of options when it comes to riffing on John Krasinski’s original idea, considering the first movie introduced a desolate, frightening, post-apocalyptic version of the modern world but offered no explanations as to how it got that way. Plus, we never learned how the hearing-sensitive monsters came to be either.

A Quiet Place 3 in the Works From Jeff Nichols | Consequence of Sound

It’s a fascinating world, so who knows, but it’s kind of curious to see a release date for the third film when we won’t be able to see the first one until next year. An exception I’m reminded of Back To The Future 2 and 3 filmed at the same time, but released a year apart.

Am very much looking forward to seeing the sequel because the first was so good, but not sure how long the world will hold interest. Guess it depends on if they continue to leave the mystery. If too much is known about the creatures they’ll lose some of their scariness. The unknown is scary. Don’t tell us everything.

Are you looking forward to more sequels, beyond part 2?

3 thoughts on “Can’t See A Quiet Place II yet, but A Quiet Place 3 Is Already Planned for 2022 Release

  1. I totally loved A Quiet Place. I remember sitting in the theater and it was so quiet! LOL! You could hear a pin drop as everyone was glued to the screen. I heard about a sequel and was not surprised because they left the movie with the baby; and I was wondering how in the world are you going to raise an infant who makes lots of noise with the creatures roaming around? Maybe that will be addressed in part 2; asides from that I can’t imagine what else to talk about unless they introduce other families and/or they build a community to fight the creatures. They were leaning toward that with the little girl hearing aids. It was something about the high frequency that bothered the creatures.

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    1. The monsters are clever and inventive. Will be fun to have them back in action again. Just hoping, as said in the post, that we don’t learn too much about their origin. To the point that all their mystery is gone, anyway. They won’t be as scary.


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