Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announces another lockdown for 30 days, movie theaters closing again

Harley Quinn’s expression is perfect to sum up how we all feel in 2020

This morning, we started with a map showing Washington state was among the lower risk states (see: COVID-19 Real Time Map Shows Risk Of Encountering Infected People At Events, Yes, Including Movie Theaters), but by noon today the Governor ruled that another lockdown will take place, closing nearly every business — including movie theaters — except essential services.

Starting Monday at 11:59 p.m. local time, indoor social gatherings with people from outside the household are prohibited unless the guests have quarantined for 14 days or they have quarantined for seven days and received a negative test result 48 hours before the event. Outdoor gatherings should have fewer than five people from outside the household, Washington state officials said. Indoor dining at restaurants and bars will stop but outdoor dining and takeout remains unchanged. Gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys and museums are closed, and weddings and funeral receptions are prohibited.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announces new restrictions amid ‘third wave’ of COVID-19 cases – ABC News

There weren’t many new movies planned the next month, as most studios had delayed or bailed titles for streaming release, but this ends our ability to see any more new movies in this state for the next month. Bummer.

Doubtful we will travel, because only essential travel is allowed, as well. This means we’re back to covering only the streaming new movies as we did for 5+ months during the first lockdown.

Throughout 2020, we’ve managed to see 44 new movies in theaters. In 2019, we only started tracking new movies in theaters from September to the end of the year and saw almost 70 movies in theaters during that six month period. Quite the contrast, as we might not even crack 50 new movies in theaters for the entire 2020 year.

More important than movies — although it does provide us a mental sidetrack — are people’s health and well being, so we hope nobody reading gets sick and if you do get sick or know somebody who does, that recovery goes well. This all makes us want and need that vaccine more (see: Bring On The Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine that’s 90% Effective, And That Nasal Spray, too, if It Works)

Let’s just fast forward to 2021. Be safe everybody!


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