COVID-19 Real Time Map Shows Risk Of Encountering Infected People At Events, Yes, Including Movie Theaters

COVID-19 risk assessment tool is located here:

If you are thinking of watching a movie at a theater in North Dakota as of this writing, you might want to hold off or exercise extreme caution.

It’s worth noting that there have been no cases reported of people contracting COVID-19 while attending a movie at a movie theater in the United States. Not yet, anyway.

The risk highlights the probability that one (or more) individuals may be infected with SARS-CoV-2 in events of different sizes. —By integrating real-time information aggregated via state health departments nationwide along with a simple statistical model, the website is able to capture, calculate and disseminate information relevant to decision-making by the public that could help reduce risk and new transmission. —The risk model addresses the probability that an infected person is present at events of different sizes rather than estimating the likelihood that someone will become infected at that event.

This interactive tool will show you the risk level of COVID-19 anywhere –

A COVID-19 risk assessment real time map is available showing your risk level wherever you are at, linked at the top of this post.

We were pleased to learn that as of this writing our county is listed as “only” having a 33% chance of encountering a person infected with COVID-19. Our neighboring south state of Oregon is going back into lockdown starting November 18, 2020.

Even with multiple vaccines coming soon (see: Bring On The Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine that’s 90% Effective, And That Nasal Spray, too, if It Works) we are far and away not out of the pandemic woods.

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