Opening 12-25-2019 in Theaters: Spies in Disguise, Little Women, 1917

Getting this out a little earlier than Wednesday as normal being that tomorrow is Christmas day and movies will be opening tomorrow instead of Thursday and Friday like it works most every week.

Seems like screenings have changed and 1917 is only in limited screenings and opening wide on January 10, 2020. Just Mercy was bumped to January 10, 2020 as well.

The other two movies are opening wide this week. Bummer, I was most looking forward to seeing 1917. We’ll take the grandchildren to Spies in Disguise and finally (!) be able to catch up with Adam Sandler’s dramatic thriller role in Uncut Gems which is opening wide this week. Yay!

Spies in Disguise

Opening wide in theaters Christmas Day 12/25/2019

Still have mixed feelings on this one. Will Smith as a voice actor appeals to me more than as a live actor, although I still have his voice imprinting on Gemini Man⭐️⭐️ and that’s not a good thing. This movie needs to wipe that stain away.

Hopefully our grandchildren will enjoy this. It looks young children friendly, even though it’s not rated G. They like some animated films. On Disney+ they are watching Frozen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the time.

Anticipation: 5/10

Little Women

Opening wide in theaters Christmas day 12/25/2019

Normally the top image in this weekly post is the film I’m most looking forward to, but this week I switched it up and made it the film I’m least anticipating.

Reason? The FIRST LOOK for this one here on this blog has had a decent amount of views. Seems at least readers are interested in this one more than Spies in Disguise by this very unscientific metric. Maybe this movie will be great, I don’t know, I’m trying to have an open mind.

Anticipation: 2/10


Limited opening 12/25, wide opening in theaters January 10, 2020

I guess the limited release for this one is so that it can be included in the awards for 2019 and the delay is so it isn’t running up against the newest Star Wars movie? Guess I kind of get it, but still it’s lame.

If you can see it before it opens wide January 10, 2020, I’m envious!

Anticipation: 7/10

ANTICIPATION for Week of 12/25/19 MOVIES

How much on scale of 1-10 anticipating the 12-25-2019 movies? Those marked with asterisk are not available in our area this week, so will carryover in future weeks until available to watch in our area.

  1. *Uncut Gems – 9/10
  2. *1917 – 7/10
  3. Spies In Disguise – 5/10
  4. Little Women – 2/10

Are there screenings in our area to see these movies?

Uncut Gems is available today, Tuesday 12/24 in our area, so we’re planning to see that. 1917 as mentioned above, isn’t available near us, maybe it is near you. I’ve been trying to avoid reading any reviews for that until after seeing because I don’t want that spoiled. Spies In Disguise and Little Women are both widely available and we’re planning to see at least one of these on Christmas day, then spend times with the grandchildren opening presents.

Which of these movies, if any, are you looking to see?

Happy holidays to all who celebrate!

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