Will Smith Embraces Failure As Key To Success

Bad Boys For Life ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m sort of hot and cold (mostly cold) on Will Smith’s acting these days. Bad Boys For Life, early in 2020 was OK and garnered a recommendation from us, but it just seemed like too many other sequels. Not nearly as fresh as the first film. It’s too often diminishing returns with sequels, unless they continue the story in a fresh direction and stop trying to redo what made the first so good.

Liked Will Smith a lot in the early days and his pinnacle for me was probably Ali, but feel it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed him acting in any film (see: Will Smith in 2007 Described His Acting as “slightly above average”)

One thing I do like quite a lot about Smith, however, is his positive, work hard look on life. He embraces failure as a key ingredient in success. Listen to him opine about it on YouTube:

Want to know what he considers to be the worst thing in his life? Divorce.

“Divorce was the worst thing in my adult life,” Smith, 51, continued in a clip of the episode airing on Sunday. “Divorce was the ultimate failure for me. I’ve been hurt a lot in my adult life, but I don’t think anything touches the failure of getting divorced from my 2-year-old son’s mother.”

Will Smith opens up about his life’s ‘ultimate failure’: It was the ‘worst thing’ | Fox News

He’s right that failed relationships are hard. We’ve never been divorced, so I can’t share any personal insight into that, but both Kara’s and my parents divorced. Smith is right that divorce sucks, but it sounds from the article that he made the best of the situation and kept his relationship with his ex on good terms for the good of the children. I think divorce when there aren’t any children is much, much easier. Kudos to their family for doing the right thing for the children.

Here we go into the holiday season and you get to thinking about family a lot this time of year. We’re thankful for a lot of things, our family right at the top.

All this bad stuff happening around the world will pass. However we failed in detecting this virus and combatting it more quickly, we’ll get better at if there ever is a next time (in my lifetime, I sure hope not).

The vaccine will come out and people will feel better about socializing again and theaters will reopen. Maybe AMC will shut down some theaters, maybe all of their theaters, but other theaters will reopen and movies will play again. People will go back outside and enjoy concerts together again someday. Nothing will keep human beings down forever.

Guess I kind of see this pandemic as a wakeup call for the human race.

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