Finally, HBO Max Inks Deal With Roku

Early this morning, before it was publicly announced and no, we didn’t know anything, we said a deal would happen (see: Here’s Why We Think Roku HBO Max Deal Gets Done On or Before Christmas 2020) well, a couple hours ago it has been made official. Roku users will see the app tomorrow, 12/17/2020.

Roku and WarnerMedia have reached an agreement for the distribution of the HBO Max on the Roku platform — nearly seven months after the streaming service launched. HBO Max will be live on Roku effective tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 17, the companies announced. The deal gives the streaming service coverage on all major over-the-top platforms.

HBO Max Is Finally Coming to Roku – Variety

This will end a long and quite unnecessary conflict that Roku should have resolved on day one when HBO Max launched. They had to make this deal, regardless whatever spin is put on it. HBO has been around forever and has quality streaming content, especially with the plan to day-and-date release all 17 theatrical movies in 2021 on HBO Max.

Glad to see this get done. Thank you HBO Max and Roku!

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