Chris Watts Life Insurance On Murdered Family Results In Court Battle Between Grandparents

American Murder: The Family Next Door ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

By now, hopefully you’ve seen this Netflix documentary. If you haven’t, my apologies for the headline spoiler. I’ve wanted to talk more in depth about this excellent documentary for awhile, but it’s one of those cases where any real depth in the subject matter is a spoiler.

So, here we go.

I’ve continued to follow this story for several months now with fascination. It’s the kind of haunting true crime story that just stays with me. It’s easily been among the most horrific movie I’ve seen in 2020. When you can’t forget about it, when it makes you literally shiver, that’s the definition of riveting horror.

And yet it’s what I’d call curveball horror. It’s not presented in a horrific or dramatic way. It’s like watching somebody’s Facebook videos and an episode of COPS with body cam footage.

Real horror. It’s the stuff that you just can’t wrap any sane mind around. For me, that’s among the most frightening.

And since it ended, I keep seeing stories about Chris Watts. Most of them aren’t very newsworthy, like him getting admonished for inmate violations in prison or his former mistress legally changing her name.

Today I learned about the life insurance policy proceeds on Shanann and the two grandchildren.

Sadly, the two families, Chris Watts’ parents and Shanann’s parents are in court fighting over $450,000 life insurance that Chris had purchased on his family.

Chris Watts took out a $450,000 insurance policy on his wife Shanann Watts and daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, prior to their deaths. That policy paid out in full in the wake of their murders, with just one problem — both both Shannann’s parents and Chris’ parents said that the money belonged to them

Parents Of Chris Watts Seek $450K Insurance For Slain Wife, Kids

Obviously, the murderer cannot benefit, so he has no claim to the monies, but how can the grandparents of those slain children want a penny of any monies associated with the murderer? Pay off the estate debts (er, probate) and whatever is left give the money to some charity for the protection of children.

Maybe that’s what one side intends to do with the money, the story doesn’t say. I’m finding it hard to believe how some disputes ever end up in courts. You’d think both families could come together for the loss they both shared, yes/no? Instead, it seems blame must be assigned. The monster to blame is behind bars for the rest of his life.

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