Hey Star Wars Hardcore Fans, Stop Trying To Get People Fired For Being Ignorant on Social Media

For a moment, or at least for the duration of this post, can we agree that whatever an actor says or does off screen, out of character, has very little to do with what happens in our favorite movies and TV shows?

(in the comments, feel free to agree or disagree) See: The Mike Tyson Dilemma – does promoting those who’ve done bad in the past imply support for their misdeeds?

Let’s face it, people say and do stupid things online, offline and everywhere in between. These days, word travels much faster on social media. Sometimes they mean the idiotic things said, sometimes they don’t, but stupid is what stupid does.


The bigger question at hand: should an actor lose his/her job because they say or do something stupid online? Those pedaling and pushing the #FireGinaCarino tag action say YES. If that’s the case, then Gal Gadot when she created that awful Imagine cover (see: Wonder Woman Gal Gadot’s Imagine Instagram Karaoke is disliked, imagine that?), should have been fired from WW1984. Or maybe because she — gasp — smoked cigarettes (almost everybody did once upon a time), her acting card should be revoked?

(relax, I’m joking)

Sigh. Gina Carano.

Gina Carano plays Cara Dune in The Mandalorian and apparently she’s said some things on her social media that have raised the ire of diehard Star Wars fans. I keep seeing these stories popping up in feeds and people are really passionate to see her gone from the series.

So offended, apparently, that some are calling for her to be fired from The Mandalorian.

Many fans have been calling for the firing of The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano over recent months, considering her controversial takes, likes, and retweets on Twitter. Recently, the actress who plays Cara Dune has made several anti-mask comments, as well as questioned the results of the recent presidential election. This is in addition to her past actions on the social media site that have come off as anti-Black Lives Matter, and mocking LGBTQ+ communities. With Carano showing no sign of stopping, Disney might be looking to get rid of the actress.

Gina Carano May Actually Be Fired From The Mandalorian, Here’s the Plan

Can we just make a pact, fellow netizens, not to join gangs trying to expel actors in movies for saying or doing something stupid on social media? I mean, really, does it matter what idiotic statement Gina Carano posts on her Twitter feed about any group, cause or people? Since when is what she says the gospel? How does any of that equate to her job as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian?

Or maybe it does. Maybe I missed where she’s trying to use her role in The Mandalorian to espouse these wrongheaded views? If that is what’s happening, I’d side with firing her, but that’s not it, is it? When the agendas overflow into the creative work, then it does matter, but something tells me the character Cara Dune has zero creative input by Gina Carano’s Twitter stream. Jon Favreau isn’t consulting her feed before working on the next Mandalorian screenplay. Is Carano flavoring her portrayal based on controversial world views? Perhaps.

Just to be clear, totally not defending whatever stupid things she’s said, because I’m fairly certain they deserves pushback. Glass houses and all, but how many have said stupid things and regretted them at some point in their lives?

I’m not going to grab Carano’s tweets and dissect here, because that just draws more light on stupid, and nobody needs that.

Am growing tired of seeing the response for stupid words resulting in gang “fire this person!” mentality. We’re in troubled times with a lot of people losing work and is it really wise to band together and try to get anybody fired for their personal views? (think that’s like the third time in this post I’ve asked, but am legitimately curious)

More and more companies have HR social media policies and the wise probably should tone down the hot topic commentary or risk being unemployed. There are so many things people can focus negative energy on, but the most negative of energy is disinterest. If you hate what Gina Carano says or does, then don’t watch any of her work. Disinterest is the ultimate diss for every creative work.

There’s the problem. You can take the Star Wars out of the actors, but not from the fans.


14 thoughts on “Hey Star Wars Hardcore Fans, Stop Trying To Get People Fired For Being Ignorant on Social Media

  1. As a Star Wars fan myself, I can genuinely say, what’s the point? It’s sort of sad honestly (not trying to purposefully nag people) that a lot of folks nowadays get offended way too easily, and make irrationally extreme comments to tear down others. Why can’t we all just love, man? I may sound like a hippie, but maybe the hippies can give some wise insight in modern day society. I’m tired of the pessimism. Who agrees with me here?

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    1. Maybe I’m missing something and you can help me out, Scoop. Cara Dune is NOT a public figure, what do you mean? She is a character in a Star Wars TV show. Gina Carano is an actress. And it’s not a “stupid prize” to be unable to work. I will grant you that acting is a privileged job, especially acting on a show like The Mandalorian, but I can’t get with any group wanting an actor fired over their social media opinions — no matter how wrong-headed and disagreeable they are. That’s a very slippery slope …


      1. Being an actress in the Mandalorian makes her a public figure – and here’s the thing, anti-masking is dangerous and her anti- LGBT views are disgusting. They’re not social media opinions. They’re her opinions. That she openly shared.
        So let’s say tomorrow, some actor on Titans makes some anti-Semitic tweets – I, a Jewish woman, need to let it go? Because it may cost the person their job? You share hateful rhetoric, there’s gonna be a punishment. Fans don’t want to support a show in which a shitty person earns money. Asking for them to be fired is a way for the show runners to hire somebody with non-hateful opinions rather than losing that whole viewer base.


      2. The Mandalorian is not going to lose all their viewer base if Disney keeps Gina Carano in her minor character role. I read that they were thinking about basing a spinoff based on the character and they might have pulled the plug on that, so using your words, she may already have been “punished.”

        We’re splitting hairs on all actors being public figures. I’d consider Carano a minor celebrity (at best) and former sports figure, not a public figure, but will accept that some think she’s more prominent than that. What has Carano starred in that’s noteworthy besides The Mandalorian?

        Back to what I said toward the end of the post. By drawing all this attention to her and trying to get her fired, she is actually being made more popular than she ever would have been if people attacked her portrayal of the character on screen or simply were less interested in any episode she stars in. That’s totally fair game IMO and that would be a better way to approach this. Some people, myself included, aren’t going to like the gang up mentality, regardless if the cause for the gang up is well-intentioned.

        Her character has been in what, three episodes to date? Pedro Pascal has said some idiotic things too and he’s allegedly whining about having to keep his mask on. Duh, that’s what Mandalorians have as their credo.

        I appreciate you’re trying to make the argument that she should be fired. We going to have to agree to disagree on that, unless you can offer something other than what she said on social media — yes, her opinion and I strongly disagree with it.. We both agree that what Gina Carano said was disgusting and wrong, but you haven’t convinced me why what she did elevates to the level of her needing to be fired. And, btw, there is no season three greenlit yet, so everybody as of this moment in time on that show is essentially fired. There will be a season 3 announcement soon, I’m sure. It might be that the Cara Dune character isn’t even necessary. If Favreau doesn’t have anything else for the character to do, she won’t be back. I doubt seriously that anything happening on the internet, including Carano making ignorant statements on Twitter will influence him. And for that matter, what’s to stop Disney from ordering the character to be recast? Nothing. So, at the end of the day, maybe she’s already “fired” in the sense that following her already shot work — and there’s absolutely NO WAY Disney will shelve already produced episodes starring her. With that in mind calls for her to be “fired” are irrelevant. What’s done is done. Whatever episodes her character remains in Season 2, we’ll see her unedited. Now, as for if she comes back for a season 3? Time will tell. Again, I don’t care that much about the character. I’m much more interested in The Child’s storyline. Let’s get into the origins of that character.

        Bottom line: there are plenty of people that will continue to watch The Mandalorian regardless if Gina Carano is still portraying Cara Dune. I don’t even care that much for her character. She can never be on any episode again as far as I’m concerned and that would have little impact on the show.

        GIve us more Baby Yoda, please!

        Thank you for taking the time to leave multiple comments. Much appreciated.


      3. You’re too focused on the mask aspect and not enough on the transphobia part. Transphobia isn’t an opinion.

        It’s bigotry. And it doesn’t matter how minor of a celebrity you are because transphobia is unacceptable


      4. Will start by restating that I don’t think Gina Carano is that good of an actor and could care less if she returns to The Mandalorian. I don’t know her personally and, frankly, if she is a bigot, good riddance to her. Bigots don’t deserve *ANY* size part in any TV or movie show — even a cameo or extra. Bigots don’t deserve celebrity of any kind, but sometimes bigots are bigger celebrities than good people, sadly. We agree without exception on that point.


        Even if Gina Carano is a bigot, and to use your argument we’ll assume she is, I’m not going to join any group and demand her “firing” from a TV show that is already filmed. That’s my point. Simple. Re-read my post. I never mentioned transphobia or masks. You first brought that up in in your last comment.

        I’m concerned about groups — any groups anywhere — ganging up on people calling for their “firing” from a TV show that’s already filmed. It’s almost like calling for the firing of someone who is dead. For all intents and purposes beyond season 2 (maybe in season 2, who knows, it’s not finished airing yet), Cara Dune IS dead. We don’t even know if her character is planned to be coming back — ever beyond Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Again, attacking the story, the character, the acting, everything that deals with Carano’s performance is all fair game. Claiming the actor that portrays her is a bigot based on social media posts she’s made is flawed. And demanding her firing, if the character is even planned to return in a not-officially-announced yet season 3, is premature at best. I don’t think I can make my point on this matter any clearer.

        This is what one side does in a disagreement to bolster their point. They amplify the extreme and fill in the blanks on hypotheticals thus minimizing logic.

        Do we know 100% for a fact that Gina Carano is transphobic? I never covered that issue in the post because, guess what, we don’t know that. You’re correct that bigotry isn’t an opinion and I agree with you on that. If you think that what she says on Twitter is iron clad evidence she’s a bigot, then that is again where we disagree.

        Being “fired” from a show that’s already filmed is pointless. The shows are in the can and Disney will release them. If Carano is transphobic as you allege then she needs to get some counseling and learn that’s not the type of behavior in civil society. You’re correct that transphobia, or any kind of discriminatory behavior, is not an opinion.

        But. again, do we know she’s truly transphobic?

        Discrimination in any form is unnecessary and wrong. It is your opinion and others in this group that Gina Carano is transphobic. Don’t we first need to establish that as fact before labeling her a bigot? Just because she or you or anybody else says something that can be construed as transphobic doesn’t mean in fact that she’s transphobic.

        When I was growing up the derogatory three letter F-word was frequently — and ignorantly — used by too many people to describe someone doing something stupid. The problem is it’s a very hurtful and unnecessary word for people who are homosexual just as the N-word for black people if you aren’t black being said. Conversely, if you are black and call each other the N-word that is somehow acceptable? So if you aren’t black and use the N-word, that can be used as evidence of racism. I don’t think this sort of verbiage test is 100% accurate as evidence either.

        It is ignorant using words that you don’t understand, especially in a derogatory matter. I’m a writer, words are important and proper usage is not something, it’s everything. If you misuse words to describe something all sorts of bad things can happen. Case in point: Gina Carano.

        Twitter thought they were doing something brilliant by releasing a platform that promotes brevity. But many people can’t effectively make their point in a small number of words. The fewer words used, the more powerful each word becomes — and becomes open to wide interpretation.

        Maybe Carano IS transphobic and her words on a platform — Twitter — that doesn’t allow more than a small number of words, are evidence that’s the case. Using that logic, I 100% agree she should NOT be on any TV show or in any movie in a privileged job. There are plenty of actors that aren’t bigots to employ.

        Hopefully this better clarifies my position. I used a lot more words than Twitter would ever allow 🙂


      5. I’m going to re-state my point -People are asking her to no longer work on a show because she is a bigot. I’m glad you managed to get that in your last paragraph. I’m sure she is smart enough to make her point in a few short words and she wasn’t misunderstood

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