App tells how many more years we can watch movies before we’re going to die – and a snake dick reference!

I’m going to die at 88 years old, which means some 35+ more years of terrorizing life on earth

In 2020, we can’t ask Nostradamus when we’re going to die, but we can ask an app called My Longevity ( how much sand is left in your hour glass.

The major reason life expectancy calculators spit out such different figures is because there are a wide range of factors influencing the results. Being married increases your life expectancy compared to being single, as does being happy. In addition to smoking, levels of fruit and vegetable intake influence life expectancy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, levels of alcohol consumption and exercise make a profound difference to life expectancy. These are concrete lifestyle changes people can make which can add years to their lives.

This app claims it can calculate your life expectancy

People are living longer, which is one nice thing to take away from this life expectancy calculator.

How many more movies left to watch?

Doing the math, calculating at least watching/rewatching one movie every day, means I’ll be able to watch at least …

35 years
365 days
= 12,775 movies

I’ll have to quicken the watching pace if I want to watch more than 15k or 20k more movies. Still, that’s a lot of movie watching mileage left in the tank. This doesn’t factor in TV shows either, so I’m sure the overall numbers will exceed 20,000 for both, assuming I do, in fact, survive 35+ more years.

Am somewhat concerned about external factors like gigantic asteroids hitting the earth, contracting some — cough — disease and being hit by a car (hey, it’s a realistic fear). I’ve got other fears, who doesn’t … snakes are one of them. Snakes freak me out.

Yes, the following snake dick scene from the HBO series Lovecraft Country freaked me out.

I’ve read stories about snake dicks, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in film – yeah it spooked me!

Lots of time left. I don’t smoke, drink very little alcohol, have a healthy height & weight, a relatively stree-free job which provides some very good physical exercise (no, not talking about activity at this website, my regular job is physical, lol) and no major health concerns (known, at least). Counting my blessings, not boasting, believe me.

Yeah, as the legendary poet Robert Frost would say, “and miles to go before I sleep.”

I hope all of you reading score well in the my longevity calculator and have tens of thousands of movies left to watch in your life as well. Feel free to share your score below in the comments, if you like.

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