Is Adam Sandler Shopping for an Oscar-worthy Dramatic Role?

Uncut Gems ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Netflix were working on an Extraction sequel and a spinoff for The Witcher before either was officially confirmed – Sandler is reportedly buoyed by the reception to his work in Uncut Gems, and is now actively seeking to headline a prestige drama for the streaming site that could potentially put him into awards season contention.

Adam Sandler Reportedly Eyeing An Oscar With New Netflix Movie

Think it’s safe to say Sandler won’t win an Oscar for Hubie Halloween (FIRST LOOK), but it’s certainly a plausible rumor that he’s shopping for a drama script for one of his two remaining Netflix movies on his four picture extension (the other film is the sequel to Murder Mystery).

Speaking of the Oscars, something I didn’t weigh in on was the new imposed diversity requirements for Best Picture category. I don’t like the idea of quotas for creative projects — art is unnecessarily compromised by forcing characters casted to be different races, sexual orientation, disabled, etc when the character role doesn’t fit. If the character role fit the story, then of course I’m all for casting that way, but the next James Bond should not be a paraplegic lesbian African American woman, simply to make it eligible for the Best Picture in 2025. As for forcing more diversity behind the camera? Heck, that should have already been happening, it’s called Equal Opportunity Employment. If Hollywood isn’t playing ball (and it sounds like they haven’t been), then maybe these new eligibility rules will force a more diverse crew and creative teams.

Sandler tends to hire the same group of friends for Happy Madison films, which is good for his loyalty, but he’ll need to consult the diversity checklist to make sure he’s not screwed over by that.

Should he have gotten a nomination for Best Actor for Uncut Gems? Many say yes, what do you think?

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