Martin Scorsese – Great Director Struggling Staying Within Budget

The Irishman ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Martin Scorsese has earned the title of genius director, but from a budgetary standpoint he’s starting to sound like James Cameron. His newest movie budget is going over $200 million.

Bypass the $100 million club (see $100+ Million Movie Budgets Are Stupid), and go straight to the big time.


This is not the time to be pushing budgetary limits, even if the changes make for a better film in the end.

Maybe these great directors have some issue with staying on budget because they are perfectionists of the craft and want to reshoot or fiddle and fix (George Lucas went back to the Star Wars re-editing well too much — Gredo shot first!).

We already know Scorsese lingers too much at time in his movie’s runtimes (The Irishman was too freaking long — great movie, but too long), so maybe staying on budget is another downfall.

Whatever the case, Paramount is crying uncle on Scorsese’s current project.

Ultimately, Paramount signed on to produce the movie, but now reports are indicating Killers of The Flower Moon has now ballooned way over its initial budget and Paramount has asked Martin Scorsese to find another distributing partner.

Martin Scorsese’s New Movie Is Way Over Budget, Will Netflix Step In? – CINEMABLEND

Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio are starring in this movie and a walk-in role is being offered as a bonus for those who contribute to charity setup by the actor. Also, Scorsese is talking to Apple and Netflix about possibly financing the film and/or sharing with Paramount.

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