8+ Too Hot To Handle Reviews – Total Trash Faux Reality TV

Too Hot To Handle Season 1 ⭐️½  (8 episodes)

Netflix Original reality TV dating show that reached #1 in their top 10 week of 4/20-4/27/20 amassing some 30+ million viewers, so far, according to Netflix themselves (source).

If you can go into something expecting it to be bad and just enjoying it for entertainment value, than this is the type of show for you. If, however, you become irritated by people being stupid and apparently not even acting, then this might not be. Not a recommended watch from me, but we’ll try to dissect what is and isn’t entertaining below.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Participants that are merely semi-“real”

While this probably was (mostly) unscripted, it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Some/most(?) of the participants are models and actor/actress wannabes. One of them was already on another reality show. These aren’t real people to me, and they don’t act like them in this show most of the time. The money? doesn’t really seem to matter. Perhaps $100,000 just isn’t enough money in this world any more. And $3,000 penalties (3%) of the prize fund doesn’t seem that punitive. Then again, if they had made kissing 5-10%, the pool would have gone into the negative.

Matt ‘Jesus’ Smith actually played Jesus in a short movie. Really.

The model/actor/reality star played the Lord and Savior himself, in short movie The Commissioning, naturally because he looks exactly how paintings have made the Christian deity look over the past few hundred years. 

Too Hot To Handle’s Matthew ‘Jesus’ Smith actually played Jesus in film | Metro News

Harry Jowsey already won $100,000 on the 2018 reality TV show, Heartbreak Island, so another faux-real person picked out to be on a reality TV show.

For me, having new real people being real on a reality TV show is important. I don’t want to see winners of prior shows taking screen space from somebody else. We have billions of people on this earth, so certainly we can find some fresh faces, yes/no? If they are going to be repeating, then don’t call it a reality TV show, just cast actors and make it like any other TV show.

Beautiful Mexico filming location costs $15,000+ USD per night

You can stay on location where Too Hot To Handle was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico — if you have an extra $15,000+USD per night. The suite comes with a private chef and butler.

No bashing on the location, it was gorgeous. Looks like tons of sun and fun. Likely way out of the price range of most of us reading, but hey, cool to look at anyway. I think the most we’ve ever paid for any kind of hotel stay, vacation or otherwise, is around $400/night and even that seemed spendy at the time. If you got the money, though, game on.

$3,000 for kissing, $6,000 for oral sex, $20,000 for sex

Ok, something tells me that $6,000 for oral sex wasn’t as stiff a penalty, pardon the pun, as kissing ($3,000 seemed a bit much). It seems, comically, that there were discussions.

“We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money … We felt that $20,000 for sex was big enough, but it was those middle ground things that were a big debate. We eventually settled on $6,000 [for oral sex], but I think that was a bit cheap, as well,” Kolar added.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Executive Producers Discuss Setting The Price Points For Kissing, Oral Sex


I’d like to see Netflix go back in the direction of Love Is Blind and away from more of this. It’s pure escapism with negative depth. At least The Circle acknowledges — and even plays up — its catfish elements.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Too Hot To Handle – Season 1?


  1. jiducamp / The Blog About Nothing: “Yes I wrote about Love is Blind and how trash it was but I’m here to praise Too Hot to Handle for 3 main reasons (the show is honest, funny as hell, realistic)”
  2. Kim / Tranquil Dreams: “…it fit the time and I kind of didn’t mind it too much once I got past the first few episodes and got used to the contestants a little more. As for my anticipation of a second season, I’m don’t really have a preference whether there is one but I’d probably watch it anyways if it happens.”
  3. Mark Goodwin / Garbled Goodwin: “Utter tripe, but infinitely watchable.”
  4. TheFlemishSeth / into:screens: “Those who love their mindless dating shows, and believe me there’s a lot of them, will thoroughly enjoy Netflix’s newest social experiment. The show is full of small twists to keep you interested until the very end, where the finale feels a bit rushed and ends with a fizzle.”
  5. thepoelog / Poe Communications: “…did help me form a deeper emotional connection with Netflix’s excellent programming choices and made me even more wary of our Google Home devices.”

Not Recommended (or undecided)

  1. cd / Uniquely Cass: “…this was a totally stupid show & I feel like I lost so many braincells after watching it (not more than Tiger King thankfully, but enough)”
  2. evbobserver / Observer: “It’s funny that shows like this are still bracketed under “reality” TV, as there is—whisper it, because I think it’s still a secret—virtually nothing real about them. Prodded by producers, contestants make decisions that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Most jarring of all, no expression quite fits the words it is supposed to be reacting to; none of the conversational timing resembles any dialogue that occurs in real life.”
  3. Office Jockeys: “Most of these model folks probably already make a ton promoting Fashionnova on their Instagram anyway, so the money is even less of a necessity. That means these people need neither the sex or the money, they already get tons of it.”
  4. Paul / The Captain’s Speech: “If you don’t try and analyze every little thing about the show, you can watch it and laugh through 80% of it. You can also learn a lot of British slang that you can confuse your friends with.” (ed. Paul posted his review to his friend’s blog, Cass — Uniquely Cass)

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