Harley Quinn Animated Series Not Greenlit for Third Season … Yet

Greenlighting anything in the current movie and TV production environment is extremely unlikely.

Animated series often take even longer to produce, so once an animated series is greenlit, IF it even happens, we’re likely a minimum of 1-2+ years away from seeing any episodes. For now, the 13 episodes that make up season two and start streaming from April 3 – June 26, 2020 might be our last remaining fix of the adult, animated Harley Quinn.

Speaking with ComicBook.com’s JK Schmidt, Harley Quinn writer Justin Halpern revealed that while he and the writer’s room have a general idea of where they’d like the show to go, they’ve yet to receive a season order from the higher-ups at WarnerMedia, especially with the launch of HBO Max looming large in the coming weeks.

Harley Quinn Showrunners Address if DC Universe Show Will Get a Third Season

Warning: the article linked above does get into semi-spoiler territory for season two further down in the article, particularly in discussion of Harley and Ivy. Wish I hadn’t read that far into it. Even though it’s couched as non-spoiler, too much is given away.

TV series’ can go downhill, but Harley Quinn is certainly off to an outstanding start in season one. No idea how good season two will be yet, but we’ll soon find out. If it’s even half as good as the first season, it should be renewed for a third season. The writing is fresh and inspired, the animation and voice acting fantastic and comedy is pure gold. Add all this up and it’s the flagship reason to sign up for DCU.

Harley talking to Dr. Harleen Quinzel, now that’s introspection!

That, and if you are a DC comic book fan, they have like 20,000+ comics to read. Probably enough to keep you reading for years.

Are you excited for Harley Quinn season two? Friday April 3, 2020 probably available at 6AM PST (GMT-8), mark your calendars.

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