FIRST LOOK: Tales From The Loop (TV Series) – Amazon

Tales From The Loop (TV SERIES) is coming to Amazon Prime Video April 3, 2020

An anthology TV series based on paintings? My immediate thought was Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. No, this is not a reboot of that series (although I’d be in favor of that, someone, anyone), this is something else …

(Sidenote: this is the first FIRST LOOK on a TV Series and not a new movie coming to theaters. Yesterday, we looked at two new movies coming out as Netflix Originals. Until movie theaters open again, I’m going to mix in some other FIRST LOOK content)

Best described as an anthology series, Tales From the Loop from showrunner Nathaniel Halpern is perhaps the first television adaptation of paintings. In 2014, Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag published his online illustrations — a visual experiment of apocalyptic sci-fi harmlessly invading scenic rural Sweden — into a book, titled Tales From the Loop. The premise is that a giant central machine, called “The Loop,” lays at the center of town. For its residents, the Loop makes the impossible become possible.

‘Tales From the Loop’ review: Amazon’s best sci-fi yet is also its most emotional

The description of Simon Stålenhag’s art alone made me curious. Ever since seeing Night Gallery, I’ve thought paintings were stories within themselves, so I went to see what his art was about.

His website is located here:
His Twitter:

The artwork is very interesting blending reality with a bizarre Twilight Zone edge. I particularly liked his picture of a sink with some alien sludge in it. Great stuff.

The world view all reminds me somewhat of the RPG game Gamma World from TSR (1978), from some of the same minds and creators of the original Dungeons & Dragons. Of course most of that is in my imagination, and that game was based on the post-apocalypse world. It doesn’t sound like the world described in this TV series is based on life after nuclear war.

Tales from the Loop official trailer (TV Series)

Season one according Wikipedia will have 8 episodes. I didn’t see if the entire first season will be available at launch or they will release new episodes at some other interval. Based on various sources saying to “binge watch it” my suspicion is we’ll get more than one episode at launch. If you know or have seen a source say definitely, please let me know in the comments area below.

Tales From The Loop (TV SERIES) will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video Friday April 3, 2020.

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