Cinebarre Salem, Oregon First Experience Seeing Zombieland: Double Tap

Old school arcade upstairs at the Cinnebarre in Salem, Oregon

Last month we checked out our first Cinebarre in Las Vegas at Palace Station (note that we misspelled Cinebarre as Cinnebar) Casino, this month we saw the opening of Zombieland Double Tap⭐️⭐️⭐️ at the Cinebarre in Salem, Oregon. It was interesting to note and experience the difference between the two Cinebarre locations. We expected a very similar experience, but it was notably different in a few areas, which will be detailed below.

The layout of the Cinebarre was a little different. At Palace Station Casino lin Las Vegas you go up an escalator to enter the Cinebarre, At Salem, Oregon Cinebarre it is at street level, you first go to the box office to receive your ticket and then enter the Cinebarre where your ticket is ripped immediately. There is an old school arcade upstairs (pictured at the top of the photo). Nice to see throwback arcade games like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. represented. Also, was a cool-looking Avatar pinball machine that I wanted to play, but it was eating quarters. We told the manager and were promptly refunded, no questions asked.

The theater layout had long tables in front of the seats with a secondary aisle so the attendants could come down and service more conveniently. At Cinebarre Palace Station the table you eat on is an expanded arm rest table that is permanently at your side. Most Regal theaters you just have the arm rest that folds down and has room for a drink cup, but Cinebarre Palace Station has a mini table that can fit your dinner. At Cinebarre in Salem, Oregon there is a long table that is about a foot or so in front of the chairs. On that table is a button to press that turns red which summons the server to provide service as well as napkins, salt and pepper and ketchup..

Before the previews, it was kept way darker (too dark) in the theater and difficult to see at the Cinebarre in Salem, Oregon. I had to use the flashlight on my phone to illuminate the menu. The theater was about 60-70% full to watch Zombieland Double Tap on its very first showing. Many people were ordering concessions.

The ordering process is different. You are encouraged to write your order on a piece of paper at Cinnebar Salem, Oregon. At Cinnebar Palace Station in Las Vegas the attendant shows up, knows who you are, takes your order, processes in his portable credit card machine and you pay at the time of ordering. At Cinnebar Salem, Oregon you do not pay until late into the film. The attendant shows up and puts a traditional bill inside a folding holder and you are required to attempt to read the bill in almost pitch black environment during the feature presentation. I didn’t want to break my phone flashlight out to try and read the bill so I just used the illumination of the screen upside down so Kara could try to read,. Also, the attendant never applied our 10% concession credit for being Ultimate Unlimited members because he didn’t know who we were. Again, we didn’t want to disturb other patrons during the movie by pushing the red button and asking for help, so we ended up just paying the full price which was a little over $50 for both of us. This is about what we’d pay for dinner anywhere else, so the prices were reasonable.

No assigned seating at Cinebarre in Salem, Oregon. The dinner format was less formal at Cinebarre Salem, Oregon. We sat in the very back room, centered on the screen. This was a good seat to watch the movie. Comfortable, but not as comfortable as a recliner.

The menu was different. Cinnebar Salem, Oregon seemed to have a little less items available on the menu. In particular,ra was looking forward to eating another ice cream sandwich, but that wasn’t on the menu.. I had a hamburger (“Top Hat Burger” as it was called) and ordered it with bacon but the bacon did not come on it. The burger was cooked well and delicious, as well as the accompanying fries. Also, ordered and enjoyed the boneless wings coated with bourbon bbq sauce. Again, these were cooked well and tasted great. To drink I just had soda and Kara had water. She also had an order of potato skins. I didn’t try any of the potato skins but she said they were good.F

Summary of Experience and Comparison

I preferred the experience a little bit more at the Cinebar Las Vegas, particularly the ordering and payment process, however, it was more traditional restaurant style at Cinebarre Salem, Oregon. The food was good at both locations and comparatively priced to other restaurants. They didn’t serve the popcorn in the stainless bowl at Cineabarre in Salem, Oregon, instead it is in the traditional paper bucket. The butter had a slightly different taste that was not as good as most other theaters.

While I’d give Cinebarre Palace Station in Las Vegas an A- grade for experience, I’d rate the Cinebarre in Salem, Oregon a B, maybe even a B-. It was good but marred by the total darkness, and the fact that when you pay the bill it is distracting from watching the movie. At the Palace Station they did a better job making the dinner portion over and settled before the movie started.

Despite the differences between the two, both experiences were still overall positive and what mattered most — the quality of food — was very good, if practical and one is nearby, I’d recommend others check out a Cinnebarre near you. The list of Cinebarres from Regal is quite small as of this writing (only 8 locations across the US, most of which are on the west coast), so this might not be possible for most reading.

Next month I’m hoping we can visit one of the two Cinebarres located not too far from our home — either Issquah, WA or Mount Lake Terrace, WA. We are fortunate to be located near three of the eight Cinebarre location.

Am curious how that will compare to other two.


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