Heavenly Movies – Warren Beatty in Heaven Can Wait

Originally Beatty wanted Muhammad Ali to play the title role but Ali wasn’t available

Ah yes, movies that portray what the great beyond is like. If you are not looking for a faith-based film and want something with a comedy outlook there is always Oh God with George Burns and John Denver.

Heaven Can Wait also checks off boxes for the type of feel-good movies I like to watch. Warren Beatty plays Joe Pendleton who is a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams and is about to get his start in the big game when he is hit by a car. His angel watching over him took him out too soon, not expecting the outcome and thus he didn’t really die from the accident. Now, the angel has to put him back in another body because Joe’s body was crealsomated.

I like how the way station to heaven is portrayed in the film.

Heaven Can Wait way station

This isn’t a religious, preachy or spiritual film and yet it comes off invoking that type of vibe to the viewer. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, the viewer believe in this type of afterlife.

This movie was remade by Chris Rock in 2001 in the film Down To Earth, and used a comedian “false dying” instead of an athlete, but that is a pale comparison to Beatty’s film.

What other comedy heaven films can you name?


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