8 Horror Amazon Prime Add-On Channels including Shudder, Streambox, FullMoon and MONSTERS and NIGHTMARES

Some of these channels like Shudder are better NOT to sign up through Amazon Prime

I like to use the free trial option on Amazon Prime to check out add-on premium channels. Usually will cancel before the trial ends after watching what I wanted to see, and the big premium ones I will rotate around every few months, sign up for a month, then cancel. Since we’re in the midst of our October 2019 challenge where the goal is to watch/rewatch 66+ movies, exploring the genre specific horror channel add-ons is worthwhile.


Shudder by AMC seems to be the most active channels. They even have some original produced content, an active Reddit channel created and maintained by fans and a good-looking website: shudder.com with mobile app and even offers a completely free horror TV channel. (that was streaming Night of the Living Dead (1968) as of this writing).

If you like horror a lot, then a Shutter.com subscription with Roku looks promising

After my Amazon Prime trial, I’ll probably try another 7-day free trial through the website (assuming both trials are allowed), so I can check out the app. It’s like $6/month (less if you commit to annual plan but not sure about that yet), so I might just stick around for another month or two as well. This one is most appealing to me of the 8 featured.

Shudder has a 31 days of Halloween viewing guide event this month where you can watch a different movie or their new version of Creepshow (that, in itself, is cool). Another fun thing to participate in.


I am more movie-focused than TV and the preview only showed 8 total movies, couldn’t find an associated website. Pass.


Like Shudder, this one also offers a direct website option.

There are 10 movies only showing in the Amazon Prime add-in subscription preview but a bunch more available through the screambox.com website. Another one that is merely a taste of the content on Amazon Prime, but subscribing directly looks much better.


Described as “Horror, fantasy, Sci-Fi, comedy, cult, and decades of bizarre genre films.” Like Shudder and Screambox, this also has a direct website sign-up option and mobile app available via fullmoonfeatures.com and also is on my list of checking out a trial at some point in the future.

The Prime Video preview shows this channel has a longer list of movies separated by various categories like “The Vault: Rare videos and vintage videozones” where I noted more softcore-porn type horror titles, for those that enjoy that type of horror.


Another decent cross-selection of movies, but looking fewer in number of titles than Shudder, Screambox, Fullmoon, and also has a website: xltvnetwork.com

XLTV another in the $5/month direct website category

Yes, will probably check this out too.



Great name for an less expensive channel ($3/month) that’s part of Magnolia, maybe my favorite of the bunch next to perhaps Shudder and a selection of more recent (in the last 10 years) horror films. Not sure what this says about overall quality because every era of horror films have been plagued by terrible movies and budget is something easy to blame, but a terrible indicator of quality. Huge budget horror films have sucked, low budget horror films have been awesome, so money spent isn’t a reliable indicator of quality.

Earlier today I signed up for this one through Amazon for a 7-day free trial upon seeing one fondly remembered movie, Rubber⭐️⭐️⭐️½ which is a quirky, creative movie, Severance ⭐️⭐️⭐️ , and saw a few others not seen yet that I’ll be seeing soon: Shrooms, 23:59, Sick Nurses, Quid Pro Quo, Special and more.


Japanese horror films with English subtitles. I’ve enjoyed some foreign films, because some tend to approach horror differently than American filmmakers. Might check this one out.

Fear Factory

A familiar TV show from the travel channel. Like J-EDGE, do not see an option to sign up to a direct website, only through Amazon. A few movies of interest here, but toward bottom of list of interest.

So, to recap the eight, for direct website memberships AMC’s Shudder looks most appealing and possibly the best overall selection along with plenty of fan options to binge and discuss horror movies. Screambox and FullMoon might be worth trying as well. MONSTERS and NIGHTMARES had my immediate interest for signing up through first for the trial, but probably won’t hold my interest beyond the trial. Some good overall options.

Anybody reading familiar with any of these channels and have additional recommendations?

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