Watching Gemini Man in 3D + HFR How Director Ang Lee Envisioned (sort of)

Kara and I both wanted to see Gemini Man⭐️⭐️ I told her we needed to see it the way director Ang Lee envisioned it: 3D + HFR (High Frame Rate):

Lee not only shot in 4K and 3D but also at an incredible frame rate of 120 frames per second (fps), five times the standard 24fps … it’s been the standard used by almost every single film ever been made since the 1930s.

While we pay a surcharge to see any movie that is not 2D, I felt it was important to see a movie that was shot in pure 3D in 3D and I was intrigued by the high frame rate (HFR). How would this look in the theater?

Kara and I were fans of the added experience of 4DX that we checked out in Las Vegas. We vowed to see more movies in 4DX in the future. Avatar is an example of a movie that was incredible in 3D. James Cameron didn’t just add on 3D in post production, he made the movie in 3D. When I first saw Avatar in the theater it was in 3D. So glad I did, because it blew me away. It reminded me, from a pure technology standpoint, of the first time in the 70s that I saw Star Wars.

Unfortunately, there are only 14 theaters in the US (none in Washington state) that can show this movie at 120 FPS. It is more likely that we’re watching at 60 FPS in Real 3D + HFR. I had to do some digging to figure out just how many FPS we’re watching it in? This post says Paramount is releasing the film in the following versions:

2D 4K 24fps
*3D 2k 60fps HFR
3D 2k 120fps HFR Dolby Vision
3D 4k 120fps HFR

Poked around Regal Cinemas for details and didn’t find anything. Maybe somebody reading can confirm or deny? I can only guess based on my limited time sleuthing that Real 3D + HFR at Regal is the marked with asterisk above, as that is the lowest frame rate for 3D. That same post indicated that no home bluray or UHD players are currently capable of showing 3D 4K 120fps HFR, so there are basically no places on earth, as of this writing, that the movie can be shown in the native format the director Ang Lee shot the film. The closest anybody can come to seeing it that way is through the 14 theaters mentioned above. What a technical mess. Guess we’ll have to review the best frame rate in 3D that is closest to us, which appears to be 3D + HFR (60fps).

So, with Gemini Man we are reviewing the movie itself and how and/or if 3D + HFR added in some measurable or unique way to the film. What was the result?

If you clicked the link and saw the two stars out of five at the beginning of this post, you know we weren’t too psyched about the movie, but the visuals in 3D + HFR, especially in some of the action scenes were cool. If only the story had been more entertaining, this could have been something really exciting and groundbreaking.

Oh, and just can’t think of Will Smith being that compelling in any movie. I didn’t even like him that much in MIB.

7 thoughts on “Watching Gemini Man in 3D + HFR How Director Ang Lee Envisioned (sort of)

  1. From my research, 3D+ HFR = 2K in 60fps. That’s the format I watched it as well. However, this coming week I will go again to watch it in 120fps. There’s only one cinema in London that can do that (Odeon Luxe Dolby Cinema), but I found out that they were using the screen for the London Film Festival, which finishes tomorrow (Sunday). That means that from Monday, the screen will be free and they will start showing the movie to the public at 120fps (in 2K, not 4K). That will be the closest I can get to the original format, which is impossible to watch here in the UK (no cinema is capable of). But 2K 120fps is pretty close.

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  2. Thanks. You’d think that this format would be advertised better? But maybe they think the tech specs are too far above most moviegoers, that it isn’t any kind of selling point (and yet it is!).

    I guess Ang Lee wanted to shoot a film that would force the technology and the surrounding discussion to move forward. I like that he is trying to create a technically-compelling film, but found myself frustrated that (currently) it isn’t easy or obvious to find theaters that support the technology.


    1. They way most cinemas advertise (any) technology is simply dreadful. I feel sorry for Ang Lee because he’s really trying something revolutionary, but he’s a one-man band with a handful of supporters. What it’s worse, I can see a day when all the Avatar movies come out and James Cameron, in the collective mind, will take all the credit for HFR. And Ang Lee will be relegated to a footnote.


      1. Yes, that’s a sad reality it seems. I really like what Ang Lee does visually in this movie. Given a better script and lead actor (I just can’t see Will Smith in action movies, he’s just isn’t that versatile to me — he’s best doing comedy) this movie could have been fantastic.

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