Some Independent Data Suggests Raya And Last Dragon Premium Sales May Have Underwhelmed for Disney+

We’ve kicked around Disney+ $30 Premium fee (see: Mulan is available on Disney+ now, Have You Seen It, Yet?) for watching some of their movies available in theaters and whether or not it worked for us. So far, we haven’t bitten on the deal, but how many others have reached for their plastic?

New data found Raya and the Last Dragon had 20% less purchases on Disney+ during its early March opening weekend that Mulan had last fall, per Antenna. The analytics startup additionally found there to be a 30% decline in signups for the streaming service between March 5 and 7 in comparison to the first four weekends Mulan was available on Premier Access (via Business Insider).

Did Raya And Last Dragon Make Money On Disney+? Here’s What The Data Suggests – CINEMABLEND

The most obvious sign that the deal is working better than some might think — perhaps much better than this independent data suggests — is that Disney+ has committed to further experimentation (or implementation, depending on your perspective) with Black Widow and Cruella both receiving the same day in theaters and premium.

We still haven’t seen Raya and the Last Dragon yet. Almost zero percent chance we’ll pay $30 and watch on Disney+, but we’ve talked with the grandchildren about seeing in the theater. Kara has literally no interest in seeing this film. I might have to go see it alone while it’s still screening. There is only one new movie in theaters this week (Nobody), so catching up with Raya might be just the ticket.

Since we didn’t see it right away on opening week suggests it wasn’t a film either of us were hugely inspired to see, but that isn’t a reliable barometer to whether or not we’ll enjoy the movie. There are several examples of movies we had similar anticipation for that we were fully entertained watching.

Have you seen Raya and the Last Dragon yet? Let us know if/when you’re planning to do so or not in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Some Independent Data Suggests Raya And Last Dragon Premium Sales May Have Underwhelmed for Disney+

  1. The problem with the Disney+ way of doing it (at least for me whose perfectly happy to watch at home) I suspected from Mulan they’d put it on PVOD for sale with special features in a month and they are on April 6th.

    It’s just to pricey. $20 bucks to even rent for 48 hours it’s about what I’d pay to go to the theater not counting food so it’s a deal. That extra ten on top of the subscription kills it for me. Although I fully admit come midnight July 9th I might not be able to contain myself 🙂


    1. Considering we can buy the entire Planet of Apes movie series for $49.99 it just seems too much I agree to rent any movie for $30. I’d rather they make it own for $40-50 then have a rental for $30. I don’t know why but that price just sticks us wrong, too. Then again, zero problem spending $30 at the movie theater, we just have to throw some candy in with the popcorn and drinks and we’re over the 30 bones mark.


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