Please Terminate The Idea For Another Terminator Movie, A TV Show Would Be Better

Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½ –

We all read rumors we hope aren’t true. I’m hoping this is one that is not. No more Terminator movies — for some time, anyway — please.

Terminator needs to take the Cobra Kai and The Mandalorian route. Go to streaming, develop a smart TV series of some kind that explores perhaps another angle. I know, I know, we had the Sarah Connor Chronicles already — and that was actually pretty good, but a quality TV series can rekindle interest in a feature length film.

The Terminator IP needs a lot of work to reinvigorate interest.

Maybe we need a Miles Dyson series that focuses on the creation of Skynet? I don’t know the creative specifics to make a new show a success, but strongly believe few fans of the franchise want to see another Terminator movie any time soon. At least not anything that follows along the disastrous reboot path of Dark Fate.

There are rumors of another sequel being discussed. This one again possibly being PG-13 instead of R.

… Dark Fate was actually one of 2019’s biggest bombs, while star Mackenzie Davis even admitted that people were probably bored of the franchise by now. However, insider Daniel Richtman claims that Paramount are once again pushing for a new Terminator movie and they want it to follow in the PG-13 rated footsteps of Salvation and Genisys, while James Cameron is reportedly keen to keep things R.

Paramount Reportedly Wants Next Terminator Film To Be Rated PG-13

Have to agree with James Cameron that Terminator on the big screen needs to stay R-Rated.

Cobra Kai has made me even more receptive to TV series from movies. The right creative team working on Terminator, as stated before, could make a really good TV series from this franchise.

What do you think?

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