9+ Come Play Reviews – But We’d Rather Stay Inside

Come Play ⭐️⭐️

I thought every studio had at least one lousy horror movie stashed away for just such an emergency. Somehow “Come Play” is the only movie from that stash, across however many studios, to make its way to theaters. This in spite of the opinion that it’s an uninteresting movie and the fact that its message is ill-timed for 2020.

‘Come Play’ won’t benefit from word of mouth | Lake Mills Leader | hngnews.com

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

More E.T than The Thing

Wanted that creature to be more menacing than it was. For the scares to work, it had to be. The setup was good, but to have it just shambling around mostly in the shadows, never really doing that much wasn’t as scary as having it show some teeth, rip someone through the screen Freddy Kruger style.

Hated the name. I mean, really, come up with something better to call the monster than Larry. I kept thinking of Larry The Cable Guy and that isn’t a horrifying image. It’s like waiting for the monster to open and chug a beer.

The Autistic Angle

One of the things I liked was how the story dealt with autism.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Come Play?


  1. Beyond Bollywood (3/5): “Though far from perfect, director Jacob Chase’s horror drama is a fine allegory that throws light on the lonely existence in the virtual world.”
  2. Deepest Dream: “The scares that I received from Come Play were generated from Chase letting a scene breathe and evolve (the parking lot sequences with Gallagher Jr. are terrifying).”
  3. Haunt Jaunts (3/5): “Because Come Play ends up more of a sweet, sad story about the power of a mother’s love, I found it less a horror movie and more one about the sacrifices some parents make to protect their kids and ensure the best for them.”
  4. Horrify / Michael P. Cleworth: “…seems to be just another cookie-cutter bogeyman film. However, after peeling back the many layers, you will be met by a surprisingly emotional element.”
  5. Ms. Cinema Gal (8/10): “I was surprised by how moved I was especially through the theme of being overprotective which can be misunderstood and could break relationships.”
  6. Techmepro: “I am a horror fan and I have watched a bunch of horror movies and shows in the past few months. So, I am a bit too familiar with the tropes and tricks of the genre and that’s why a lot of the scares or chills might’ve missed me. And yet here I am saying that Come Play is scary.”
  7. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “…really works because it isn’t just a cheap jump scare horror movie. It is one of the rare ones that has a deeper emotional core at its center than others in the genre and the jump scares aren’t cheap at all, they are well shot, well choreographed, and well earned.”

Not Recommended

  1. David A. Lynch: “…could’ve used bit more imagination and a lot more self-awareness”
  2. The Chanticeleer (4/10): “I would not recommend this movie if you’re the type who lives for a heart-stopping jump scare. You won’t find it in this movie. It’s a predictable, and overdone piece of work and you wouldn’t be missing much.”
  3. To Watch Next (4/10): “…it feels like a half baked idea that was thrown on a studio table with the hopes of coming off as a horror flick, and it’s pretty disappointing considering the fact that it had potential.”

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