Kardashians’ Getting Paid To Shill, Er, Promote Hulu On Social Media

Disclaimer: I have never watched even one second of anything the Kardashians have been in. Not their 14 years on (was it really that long?) reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, nor do I follow any of them on social media.

Guess I’m not the demographic that should be excited about whatever they are doing in the entertainment world.

That understood, apparently, Hulu wants them badly enough to pay millions to promote Hulu on their active social media accounts.

“No one is clear exactly what content the family will be providing .. Their reality show doesn’t get big ratings anymore, and Kim and her family are not going to bring in big viewers or advertisers if they do a travel, cooking or fashion show,” adds a top TV insider. “The Hulu deal with the Kardashians is basically a PR and marketing deal. The network needs buzz, and no one has a bigger megaphone than this family. They will be acting like global influencers on social media for Hulu. They are being paid to tweet and post about Hulu, rather than providing content.. It is not unlike Netflix’s deal with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.. And if a miracle happens and they deliver a show or two people actually watch, everyone will be happy.”

Kardashians’ ‘Getting Paid A Fortune’ For Their New Hulu Deal

Does Hulu need the Kardashians, really? Guess that’s what I’m wondering about. Does any streaming network need a reality TV family to promote their channel. Hulu seems to think so, but I’m questioning the value of this marketing and PR.

Maybe it’s a good marketing scheme for Hulu?

4 thoughts on “Kardashians’ Getting Paid To Shill, Er, Promote Hulu On Social Media

    1. Not sure if the Kardashians even care about streaming channels. If they were huge fans of streaming that would be one thing, but fake promotion for $$$, if that’s what it is, doesn’t seem like very value-added promotion.

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