At 91, The Movie Theater is Linda Black’s “Lifeline”

It’s important to remember that not every moviegoer has a computer. Being techie-oriented that seems sacrilegious to me, but realize there are people who don’t like and don’t own computers. Most will be older.

Case in point: this story of a 91 year old woman named Linda Black who still drives, but gets her movie updates by phone. Am somewhat curious if she has streaming channels on her TV? The story doesn’t say.

But then the pandemic hit. The theater closed and she was stuck at home. “I’m used to being alone at home. Most of my life. So much of my life,” she says while standing in the theater’s lobby. That’s why, she explains, “I’m hoping, hoping, hoping, hoping that this theater survives because it’s now become part of my life.” The theater reopened in mid-July. When Black resumed her regular movie-going about a month ago, just a few days after sending the letter, she noticed that one man sells the tickets, pops the popcorn and runs up to the projection booth to start the show.

91-Year-Old Pens Love Letter To Her Favorite Local Movie Theater | The ARTery

In the final decade of her life, according to her, movies are an important purpose. I smiled when reading this, because as the years pile on for us, I see what Ms. Black means.

This also reminds me that no matter how many or few theaters remain when all this pandemic stuff is over — and yes, it will be over someday — there are other people like Ms. Black out there looking forward to seeing movies in theaters.

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