Disney’s Robotic Gaze Project Reminds of Aliens in John Carpenter’s They Live

They Live ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Just when we thought Disney wasn’t creating anything new comes along this study involving making more realistic robot gazes. Must admit from looking at the video below it looks like something out of the movie They Live. You can see the box art to the right, now compare to the image below for the robot gaze study. Yeah, it’s skeleton time!

…the new robot can imitate human facial movements, specifically blinking and subtle head movements. A sensor in its chest area (covered by a shirt, because the face is unsettling enough, thanks) alerts the robot when to turn and face a person in front of it, and its eye movements shift from direct eye contact to the rapid eye movements known as saccades. It also moves slightly up and down to mimic breathing.

Disney’s new skinless robot can blink like a human because why not – The Verge
I will see you through a camera in my shirt, face you and blink with my strange, not-so-robotic hypnotic gaze (see below video for proof!)

Now the video in action …

Can you imagine walking along to some random Disney animatronic exhibit and seeing eyes like this checking you out? We could be heading toward Westworld, folks.


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