Sico The Robot’s Owner Cries Foul On Being Cut From Rocky IV Director Cut

Rocky IV ⭐️⭐️½ 

Poor Sico.

Is Sico pronounced “s-eye-koh” or “sicko”? Didn’t know that was the name of the Rocky IV robot which, frankly, I doubted ever to be writing about here again.

Alas, there’s controversy with the owner of the Sico. He thinks Stallone is cutting his robot because it will mean he won’t get residuals if the robot isn’t in the director’s cut.

No doubt many Rocky fans will miss Sico the robot when Rocky IV the director’s cut comes out, but at the end of the day Stallone is the film’s director and he gets the final call on what goes into his cut of the movie. If he’s cutting the scenes for the reasons Doornick lays out, then it’s arguably rather sad. If however he’s cutting them for pacing reasons, or simply because he thinks the robot strikes the wrong tone for Rocky IV, then that’s a different story.

Stallone Cutting Rocky 4’s Robot Is A Money-Saving PR Stunt, Says Creator

As already stated, I will not be one of the “many” that will be missing Paulie’s robot. I’m also calling this bogus. Why would Stallone care if the robot owner makes a few bucks? The director’s cut won’t generate the kind of revenue the original Rocky IV has, which negates his entire point that a bonus version will make that much of a financial difference on his checks.

Relax, Mr. Doornick, you’ll keep getting checks for Sico. I’m a fan of the Rocky films, not this one as much, but still, I didn’t even know the robot’s name.


3 thoughts on “Sico The Robot’s Owner Cries Foul On Being Cut From Rocky IV Director Cut

    1. It probably slightly improves the movie by cutting out Sico. I agree with Stallone. Not sure if he thought the comedy and Paulie was necessary to offset the darker conflict with Drago, but it didn’t add enough to the story or even to Paulie to be necessary.

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