Want To See McG’s Darker Terminator Salvation Director’s Cut?

We’re in the era of Director’s Cuts, so throw a dart at your favorite movie and maybe the director will emerge and say he or she has some super secret squirrel cut.

The #ReleaseTheMcGCut fans are starting to rise over his darker director’s cut of Terminator Salvation.

McG’s contribution to the series has since been the subject of some reappraisal, with fans claiming that the director’s cut is an improvement on the original theatrical film, as it came closer to embracing the Terminator franchise’s horror movie roots. During a recent interview with CBR, the director confirmed that an even darker director’s cut of the film exists, prompting fans to trawl through rumors, shooting scripts, animatics, and production detritus to work out what was cut from the original Terminator Salvation.

Terminator Salvation: What Happens In McG’s Darker Director’s Cut

When talking about The Snyder Cut, I already weighed in saying that these alternate cuts are a good idea (see: More Director’s and Extended Cuts, yes, Snyder Cut is Coming To HBO Max in 2021) for streaming channels looking to add exclusive bonus content. There is some confusion that could develop if/when an alternate version is seen as better than the original film, but I think the concept of additional versions is worthwhile.

Especially during these times when production of new content has been interrupted. The pipeline is going to need some sort of additional content down the road when the already produced and completed content is exhausted. I’m looking at Netflix because they seem to have a movie theater level of weekly exhibition new titles and yet there was some period where new content production was halted.

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