Paramount No Longer Making Star Trek Movies, Citing Not Enough Interest

From an episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks

The sequel to the last Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Beyond, only known as Star Trek 4, is now officially dead.

Paramount is going a step further, according to the article below, and saying they are no longer in the business of making Star Trek movies. Just not enough interest. Ouch.

Talking about the state of Star Trek at Paramount our source says, “Paramount is no longer in the business of making Star Trek movies. They see it more as a television property and aren’t willing to invest in future Star Trek movies anymore. If one of the shows on CBS takes off that could change, but those shows aren’t generating enough interest.”

Exclusive: Star Trek 4 Is Cancelled, Paramount No Longer Making Star Trek Movies

Whatever Trek TV series that generates enough interest for a film remains to be seen. Nothing currently in play seems to count, which includes everything Alex Kurtzman is involved with.

Our guess is it’s not going to be a movie based on the animated TV show Star Trek: Lower Decks. We are in the process of reviewing the first season and it’s been more of a job at times than fun. That’s a nice way of saying the show isn’t very good. Instead of recommending anybody see that, go see the original animated series from 1973. We’re going to be reviewing that on Saturdays after the first season of Scooby Doo is fully reviewed. Have a few more episodes of that to get through and then that will start.

As for Lower Decks? Might be bailing on that like we did with Picard (see: Done Watching and Reviewing Star Trek: Picard). Even though it’s coming from Mike McMahan (see: Hey Trekkies, Mike McMahan is one of you), the wizard behind the much funnier Rick and Morty, Lower Decks just fails to find a humorous groove. At times it is entertaining, which is more than could have been said about Picard, but it’s not something I look forward to watching every week. For that reason, we might be done reviewing that series. Have tried to watch episode 7 multiple times but the character Beckett Mariner is so annoying it just has me changing channels.

This leaves Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as the next TV series in development. That’s going to take us back to Captain Pike and pre-TOS (The Original Series). Will that be any good? Kurtzman has promised it will be an alien and/or new planet of the week story, instead of the continuing storyline like Picard. Will it be optimistic and hopeful or dark and dreary? That’s the million dollar quesion.

Alex Kurtzman is two years into his five year deal making Star Trek for CBS. Since he’s the showrunner, the blame for the lackluster Trek needs to reside with him.

Until Star Trek gets back to doing what made it special, and perhaps that doesn’t happen with Kurtzman, we shouldn’t expect any significant surge in interest. Hardcore fans are even struggling to enjoy Kurtzman Trek. It does make a difference who is in the driver’s seat of these series.

7 thoughts on “Paramount No Longer Making Star Trek Movies, Citing Not Enough Interest

  1. I think they are right. The “reimagined” universe didn’t really hit it off with traditional fans nor grab a big enough new audience to keep it going. There were definitely some things I liked about it, but overall I can’t say I’m sorry to see it disappear.

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  2. “ those shows aren’t generating enough interest.”… there is a reason for that. The stupid decision to put all Star Trek new series on CBS All Access, yet another pay to view service just pisses people off. On top of that, only people in the U. S. Are stuck without options for watching the series. I fir one refuse to pay broadcast channels for the right to watch their content. I’ll pay one service, I.e, Hulu to chose what I want to stream, but having to pay CBS, and now NBC and I’ve heard soon ABC all separate fees to watch the few things I might want to watch is ridiculous.
    Therefore a series I’ve always enjoyed such as Star Trek is not going to get my viewership because I refuse to be held hostage to network greed. Put it on your broadcast network and stop squeezing U. S. Citizens for more money… that might make a good plot for the Enterprise to visit a planet where only one part is forced to pay excessive fees for their entertainment. Maybe Captain Oije Wouk do do something about it…

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