Doctor Strange director says if you are going to movie theaters in America “you are selfishly prolonging this crisis” – Agree or Disagree?

Those comfy theater recliner seats — with social distancing in place will be back in action soon…

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve maintained the position that people should only return to the theater when they feel safe. There are way too many variables for any other person to judge whether or not it’s a good decision for you in your home area and individual circumstance to advise one way or the other. More importantly, who wants to take personal safety advice from a movie and TV review website?

We need to make our own decisions in life and limit outside influence. If the theater is open and you feel safe, we say more power to you. Enjoy yourselves!

If you don’t, however, that’s cool, too.

Unfortunately, the director to Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson, has decided to take a more critical path on current moviegoers. Some might use the word “attack” when reading his quote below (emphasis is ours):

Derrickson also retweeted the following from Twitter user @mangiotto: “If you go see a movie in a theater right now, you are selfishly prolonging this crisis while endangering yourself, your family, and every stranger who may occupy a space you’ve vacated anywhere you go once you’ve been infected. You don’t care about others. You suck.”

Yet another Hollywood director is warning fans – don’t go see ‘Tenet’ – BGR

In fairness to Mr. Derrickson, Twitter is a cesspool of critical thinking and it’s almost always extremely out of context, due to the text limitation. Still, if we play devil’s advocate, it’s really hard to put a positive spin on his own words.

This hyperbole from someone who doesn’t have, know or seem to care about all the facts is ignorant, at best. Who does this guy think he is, anyway telling me, you or anybody else that wants to go see a movie that we’re “selfishly prolonging this crisis.” Where are his facts to support this hypothesis? Besides his directorial prowess, he must also have a minor in biochemistry, yes?

Here are some facts, Mr. Derrickson.

We have been working alongside people this whole time in public in essential jobs, just as susceptible — maybe more — to being infected. Thankfully, neither of us have caught the virus, but our feelings are if we can catch the virus while working, we can catch it going to the grocery store, out to dinner or going to a movie. You can wake up this morning, walk outside and be struck by lightning or hit by a car walking down the street. Your chance of being killed in an automobile accident just commuting to and from work is high.

Risks are everywhere and we can’t live 100% risk adverse.

If you don’t want to see a movie in a theater, then don’t go. That’s totally cool and we’ll never complain about your decision. If someone wants to disrespect and again, that word, attack moviegoers without knowing anything about them or their situation, then no, we don’t suck, that person sucks.

Movie theaters are no less high risk than grocery stores or casinos and both of those are open, too. If you use Mr. Derrickson’s logic, everywhere you go outside interacting with other people you’re “prolonging” the crisis. I’m not saying throw COVID-19 parties to intentionally infect others (we’ve written about that insanity, see: COVID-19 Parties? Proof That Not All Human Life Is Intelligent).

Idiots are everywhere. Some, apparently, have directed Marvel movies.

I saw The New Mutants in IMAX Thursday (Kara wasn’t interested in seeing — and she was right) and we’re planning to see another movie tonight. Maybe — gasp — two! Probably catch at least one of the classic reissues in the theater over this weekend as well. We’re going to keep watching movies in theaters — until/unless they close again or we simply decide for whatever reason we don’t want to watch movies in theaters any more. It’s not likely to be because we believe our attendance is prolonging the crisis.

Does Mr. Derrickson’s — and probably some others agree – opinion that moviegoers are prolonging the crisis sit well with you? Do you agree or disagree? We’re open to discuss all viewpoints below.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Strange director says if you are going to movie theaters in America “you are selfishly prolonging this crisis” – Agree or Disagree?

  1. I feel like at best we’re getting very mixed messages on everything these days. This is just tops. I also note everyone is talking about Americans but apparently cases are going up in France and other places in Europe and no one is telling them not to go back to the cinemas, or certainly not to the degree its been such a hot button thing here. I mean freaking Tom Cruise was going on and shilling exactly for that last week!

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    1. Having never been outside North America, I’d be especially ill-informed to advise about what do to do cinema-related in other countries, but you raise some great points about the absolute uncertainty and misinformation during this pandemic everywhere.


  2. I agree with you. I don’t want to shit on him too much. I mean, It’s easy to say all of our mental health has degraded during the pandemic. Some more then others, though. I’m still not 100% on going to the theaters, I am waiting a bit longer until I feel safer.

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