TV SERIES Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks S1E4 – Moist Vessel ⭐️½

Season 1
CBS All Access
August 27, 2020

Episode 4 – “Moist Vessel”

The Cerritos has a mission to work alongside the USS Merced in the relocation of an ancient generation ship with crew long in disabled cryo units. They planned to use some special cargo on a dead planet to go all project genesis (Wrath of Khan alert!). Switch to the annoying Mariner yawning during a staff meeting.

To punish Mariner for being a complainer, the captain at Ransom’s recommendation assigns her the worst jobs on the ship which predictably makes her whine more. Until Mariner has an idea to make fun out of the menial tasks.

The captain decides to give Mariner even worse punishment: a promotion to Lieutenant. Now she must be do a bunch of officer tasks.

And so begins the real Mariner whining fest. She gets special treatment with the officers, including the ability to attend a poker game — and she’s emphatically bored.

When something goes wrong during the use of the tractor beam, the Project Genesis fluid attacks the ship, trying to teraform everything in its path.


Just fast forward 15 minutes into this episode. That’s when the mission really starts and chaos takes over the Cerritos. This show, albeit briefly, shines when everything goes to pieces. It is terrible when we focus on one of the most irritating characters in any animated series ever: Mariner. Sadly more of this episode focuses on Mariner than the much more interesting and entertaining teraforming mishap.

I was ready to give this a half star until the final third. That chaos saves this from easily being the worst episode. It raises the stakes from unwatchable to a bad mother-daughter story. This series would do so much better if it started in the middle of the action or at least gets there fairly quickly (within the first 5 minutes or so). Argh, just skip this one.

Episode rating: ⭐️½

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