FIRST LOOK: The Fugitive – Quibi

Early RottenTomatoes critics are turning their noses up at the new Quibi version of The Fugitive

Hey, Jack Baeur is back! Well, no, we wish. It’s Kiefer Sutherland playing in a reboot of The Fugitive on — insert retching noise — Quibi.

Quibi’s The Fugitive reboot premiered on Monday (Episodes 1-3 are now available, with new chapters debuting every weekday until its Aug. 18 finale), and while we secretly wish it was Jack Bauer back in action, freshly sprung from Russian captivity, it’s still refreshing to see Sutherland all fired up

‘The Fugitive’ Series Premiere Recap — Quibi, Kiefer Sutherland | TVLine

We’re not subscribers of Quibi currently and the trailer and story info almost motivates to jump back in …


This is a movie cut up into 10 minute pieces, metered out to us a day at a time. I’d rather watch this as one continuous movie. After August 18, we will sort of be able to do that.

Just can’t get on board the whole pieces and chunks of entertainment distribution that Quibi is delivering. This isn’t a TV show that belongs in episodic format. This isn’t 24 which actually had 24 separate hour long episodes — usually very entertaining, exciting episodes. This is like being starved and seeing a pizza, but only being able to eat a couple bites. Come on.

Yes, this is how Quibi rolls and we need to get over it … or not. I’m leaning toward the not (see: ). Still, can’t deny that this looks potentially entertaining. Has anybody reading seen it? Does anybody reading still have Quibi?

I’m not saying the movie is bad or good. Wouldn’t do that for something I haven’t watched, Am saying I hate the content distribution method. 10 minute chunks for a movie? We need Nancy Reagan to just … say … no.

Here’s a yes: 24 the excellent TV series — all seasons — are available on Hulu. Subscribe there and watch that. You’ll thank us later.

The Fugitive is available to stream on Quibi as of August 3, 2020.

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