FIRST LOOK: Greyhound – Apple TV+

Tom Hanks’ next movie — as has been the case for several other movies during the pandemic — is skipping a theater release for AppleTV+ subscribers.

It’s a fictional tale set during World War II, but based on events during a long naval campaign.

Greyhound takes place at a critical moment in the Battle of the Atlantic, which began in September 1939 and only ended with the Germans’ surrender on May 8, 1945. As Blazich explains, the conflict was centered chiefly on supplies: An island nation, the United Kingdom required a steady flow of imported goods and raw materials, many of which originated in the U.S. The Soviet Union, besieged by the Nazis’ Operation Barbarossa, was also in dire need of food, oil and other essential supplies, which arrived via seaports on the Arctic Ocean.

The True Story Behind Tom Hanks’ ‘Greyhound’ Movie | History | Smithsonian Magazine

The trailer:

Not sure if it’s the fact Tom Hanks is in the film — for me, anyway, he’s single-handedly a reason to check out the movie — or the story, but this one looks promising. And I’m not much of a war film movie fan. The last WWII naval battle movie in the theaters we watched was Midway ⭐️⭐️⭐️ which we enjoyed and recommended.

Since we don’t subscribe to AppleTV+, we’ll need to subscribe for at least one month (it’s $4.99/month) to see this one. Considering we can see what else is on AppleTV at the time, that seems like a good deal to me.

Will others like us that don’t currently subscribe sign up for a month to see this? I mean, what’s the difference in paying $5-20+ USD to rent a movie on VOD vs. paying for an entire month and having access to the entire service’s library of content. Seems like a no brainer, if the movie is of interest.

Are you looking forward to seeing this one? If you aren’t an AppleTV subscriber, is this movie enough of a reason to subscribe? Or will you wait for reviews to come back first from others first?

Greyhound will premiere streaming on AppleTV+ on July 10, 2020.

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