I don’t get SPACE FORCE, do you?

Greg Daniels is talented, no doubt. We’ve been given two new TV series by him recently and one I loved Upload (see: TV REVIEW: Upload Season 1 – All 10 Episodes Rated and Reviewed) and the other … well, I just don’t get.

I’ve watched the opening episode of SPACE FORCE several times. Tried watching part of episode two and keep bailing. I’m lost. It seems from several articles I’m coming across, maybe this emptiness of space and comprehension is shared?

If only the same could be said of SPACE FORCE, Daniels’ second new TV comedy to hit screens in the past month. Indeed, smartly interrogating its concept, adding depth and doing more than cycling through easy gags aren’t the Netflix series’ priorities, or even close to them, at least based on its just-released debut season. And let’s be clear: SPACE FORCE isn’t just the lesser of Daniels’ two new shows; it’s simply not great in general. THE OFFICE, but about an amusing true new offshoot of the US military, this definitely isn’t

UPLOAD vs SPACE FORCE | Birth.Movies.Death.

Would like to think that I get all forms of comedy, because I’ve been around the block awhile, but don’t understand — seriously, this isn’t bashing, and this isn’t a review — what the heck is Daniels trying to do with this series?

There are talented actors involved. Lisa Phoebe Buffay Kudrow, Steve Carrell, who worked with Daniels on The Office. Kudrow looks too old in SPACE FORCE and Carrell is criminally unfunny.

I’ve never been a huge Carrell fan — he’s just too dry to be funny to me (sort of like a poor man’s David Spade, without Spade’s innate charm) — but at least I can appreciate what he’s trying to do from a comedic standpoint. Kudrow, on the other hand, is a very funny actress and I’m hardpressed to think of anything I’ve seen her do that was intended to be funny that wasn’t funny.

Until this.

So, let’s assume it’s not the actors, it must be the story, the script, the overall idea. What exactly is funny about establishing this race to a space station? Or is that even what this is about?

Alas, this is not a review. I don’t review TV or movies that I can’t get into, because the reality is not everybody is into everything. I haven’t seen The Office or Parks & Recreation — both are acclaimed series from Greg Daniels. After Upload, I’m more interested in watching both of those workplace shows. SPACE FORCE is a workplace show, so it stands to reason maybe it’s the setting that’s throwing me off.

Definitely couldn’t get into SPACE FORCE. Would like somebody to explain it to me, however, because I feel like I’m really missing something. Maybe, and not afraid to admit, it’s just smarter than I.

Don’t you just hate being on the side of a joke you don’t understand? Embarrassing? Not really. More like disappointing.

Anybody else watched this? What’s going on? What makes this funny? Is it the irony? Is it political satire? What is it?

2 thoughts on “I don’t get SPACE FORCE, do you?

  1. Couldn’t even make it through the pilot. Carrell is at his most hapless and annoying–and I actually like him! I think it is just hard to make good scripted comedy right now. There is just SO much content out there and the speed at which real life and social media play out almost defies parody (this is one of those things people have been saying for a while and I dismissed the idea but its starting to gain some traction in my mind)

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    1. It finally dropped out of #1 slot on Netflix in favor of the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. That one looks interesting to me, but am a bit daunted when something drops and I have more than one season to binge to catch up.

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