FIRST LOOK: The King of Staten Island

Originally planned for a theatrical release on June 19, 2020, Universal is pulling a Trolls World Tour for The King of Staten Island and going straight to VOD — or PVOD as they put it (PVOD = Premium Video On Demand).

Also similar, is moving up the date exactly one week. Not sure why they are doing that (maybe they don’t want to conflict with the only other theatrical release in June – Fatale?), but hey, they’re at least consistent.

The movie is a semi-autobiographical movie on Davidson’s early years. Universal has described the film as a “bracing comedy” about love, loss, and laughter. The King of Staten Island focuses on the mid-20-year-old Scott as he chases his dreams of becoming a tattoo artist.

The King of Staten Island Movie Skipping Theaters for Digital Release in June

My search didn’t uncover an official trailer for this movie. If someone sees one, please drop a link in the comments (no, not the link to the one in the link above that has Pete Davidson and Judd Apatow talking about Universal deciding to release it on VOD — that’s not a trailer).

This leaves me with the unenviable task of trying to figure out whether or not I might like it based on the movie info information. I clipped some of it from the article above, let’s see what another source offers.

A storyline that mirrors Pete Davidson’s own life and upbringing in Staten Island, New York. He lost his firefighter father in the Sept. 11 attack.

Movie Insider Story Info


So the title makes me a bit curious. Who wants to be the king of Staten Island? Is it the mid twenty-something Scott? And where does Pete Davidson’s father firefighter who died in 9/11 come into this story?

Bottom line: I have way more questions than answers based on the descriptions. Not necessarily bad for a movie in theaters, but for a movie I’m going to be asked to pay $19.99 to watch on VOD? Um, yeah.

I looked around for an official King of Staten Island website and that turns in the best synopsis here:

Steve Buscemi is in this, nice! Maybe this won’t be the full $19.99 price (see: Yes, Some Are Paying $20 to Rent New Movies – But Is This The Right Price Point?) I’ve never found Pete Davidson all that exciting in what I’ve seen from him in SNL. I might be on the sidelines for this one. Are you looking forward to this film?

The King of Staten Island will be released on VOD on June 12, 2020.

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