Joaquin Phoenix Channels Joker at Golden Globe Awards Ceremony

(Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ manical laugh)

Got to love Joaquin Phoenix for his socially awkward acceptance speech for the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Drama – for Joker.

His acceptance speech got mixed reactions from actors and other audience members at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Then the social media reactions piled in, with some praising the actor, and others wondering what the heck had just happened.

Joaquin Phoenix wins a Golden Globe, delivers a truly Joker-esque speech – CNET
Joaquin Phoenix goes off on eating meat, private jets and “doing more” in his acceptance speech

And just when you thought he was done Joker-ing it up, he goes backstage and is surprised that he has to answer reporter’s questions.

How to Mock Reporter’s Questions by Joaquin Joker Phoenix

His Jokerish sardonic wit is on perfect display, “You don’t have to applause me, I’m just wondering how you’re doing?”

Ricky Gervais slayed it on the monologue and Joaquin Phoenix had the best acceptance speech of the event that I’ve seen to date.

Perhaps most important is that Phoenix reiterates that he would be interested in a Joker sequel, if the story took the character somewhere interesting and thoughtful.

I’m thinking there are a billion reasons a sequel will be made. Let the speculation begin!

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