TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E6 Chapter 6 – The Prisoner ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Even alien mercenaries like Mando!

Season 1

“Chapter 6 – The Prisoner”

Mando stops at a port to accept a new mission along with several mercenaries: to enter the heavily fortified new republic prison ship protected by droids. We’ve seen Mando show off his battling skills several times and this episode is no exception. He gets to team up with some aliens and one human merc, which is kind of cool, but this episode doesn’t offer any more details on what’s going on with Baby Yoda. When are we going to see the guild fight back against Mando taking the child? Apparently (?) the last two episodes. Something tells me the first season is going to end on a cliffhanger.

I had about the same feelings of this one as Chapter 5. It isn’t revealing anything that new, just a prison escape mission, albeit an interesting one and a type of mission Mando hasn’t done yet. We do get to see Mando in some great fight scenes, this seems to be the high point of every episode, plus a little bit of the “take off your helmet” drama. Also a joke about if mandalorians are so tough why aren’t there more around in the galaxy? (suggesting that mandalorians are rare?)

Check off the boxes episode. Giving this the same rating as the last week. Yes, I liked it, but didn’t blow me away like a couple other episodes, notably the debut. This is still very much old school Star Wars and for that, I look forward to watching, but it’s definitely setting into a pattern that will eventually wear out its welcome. For the most impatient, this might already be happening.

If we want this serious to continue, there needs to be some filler, I suppose. I’m more invested in what is going to happen with the guild backlash, however, for Mando’s actions. Maybe, hopefully, we’ll get that in the final two episodes of the season. Please, no lame cliffhanger making us wait for season two!

(I’d enjoy a good cliffhanger)

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Chapter 6 “The Prisoner” Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more. Enjoy in the discussion.

  • Comics Venture: “…the latest installment is undoubtedly the most original and entertaining so far. Entitled, “The Prisoner” it certainly plays on the ‘jail break’ Western trope – even down to the classic “betrayal,” but it also borrows a little from Die Hard and the idea of one man nothing but using wit, cunning and a modified heavy blaster to outfox an overwhelming number of adversaries.”
  • Indiewire: “…is a $100 million show about nothing. There’s no overarching plot, no character development, and, six episodes in, still no emotional stakes or any indication that these issues will get resolved. It’s about a walking action figure and his merchandising-friendly pet, doomed to endlessly receive jobs that pay well enough to fly to the next episode’s location.”
  • Jason Gaston: “It was mostly filler that didn’t go anywhere and, yes, most of it was ordinary and formulaic, but the ending was a lot of fun and that’s got to count for something.”‘
  • Sean Gallagher: “…while The Prisoner didn’t move the overall plot forward either, the episode is the best of the season thus far.”
  • Nick / AIPT: “…It’s a good thing the scenes with the Mandalorian hunting the heist crew were so good. Otherwise, this could have easily been an even weaker episode than last week’s.”
  • Ryan Campbell: “We also got maybe the most Mando fighting we have in the whole series with him taking out droids, his team and Quinn in some really cool fight scenes the likes of which we usually don’t see in Star Wars.”
  • wrayperkin: “I don’t think Favreau is done surprising us with plot twists and unpredictable character reveals. “

Like last week’s episode, this doesn’t move the Baby Yoda and Mando crossing the guild story forward in any way. Those looking for that are going to be disappointed, those who just want another cool Mando mission to explore, will be excited. And then there’s people like me who would like a little bit of both.

What did you think of this episode of The Mandalorian? How do you like the series so far?

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