How Letterboxd Is Trying to Get an Edge Over Other Movie Apps

It’s no surprise we’re Letterboxd fans. This blog’s creation was because I wanted to do more than the Letterboxd site allowed to do. Started using it to keep track of how many movies we are watching on the various streaming platforms and in the movie theater so that evaluating if we’re “getting our money’s worth” out of the service is being realized.

As of 11/23/2019, my Letterboxd home page

As a movie diary, review and list (memes!) site, it’s fantastic. All our movie reviews are logged and diaried there first and many become linked here as part of a greater discussion.

More and more film writers are using us as—at a minimum—a diary, to ensure they’ve logged the day and date they saw each film. We love the critics who choose to share their first impressions on Letterboxd and we’re noticing more and more of them see Letterboxd as a way to build their brands and bring readers to their host sites. We’re cool with that. What we’re really cool with is the growing number of filmmakers who are using Letterboxd to log their watches and thoughts. Because filmmakers are film lovers first and foremost, and we bill ourselves as the social network for film lovers.

How Letterboxd Is Trying to Get an Edge Over Other Movie Apps

If you just want a place to keep track of the movies you have seen and how you feel about them, then Letterboxd is for you.

We need a Letterboxd for TV shows. Any recommendations? And if you already use Letterboxd, what do you use it for currently?

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