Movietopia Experience Opens in Houston’s Candytopia Space 11-2-19 to 1-26-2020

Taking pictures with props from famous movies and sharing on social media? Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like is happening at in Houston.

Billed as an interactive movie experience … is it more than just pictures with famous props?

Candytopia has partnered with Planet Hollywood to bring a new experience called Movietopia to Houston. Described as an “interactive destination filled with immersive imagery,” Movietopia will allow attendees to “place themselves into iconic movie scenes and interact with the iconic objects from those films,”

Interactive movie experience opens in Houston’s Candytopia space |

Further down the homepage there is a better description of what is going on in Movietopia:

Slide down the hull of a shipwreck? A joyride in the original Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Yeah, that could be cool. Are there any actual movies being shown in this 20,000 square feet building in Houston? Or is it only like a traveling interactive movie exhibition?

Also, who picked out the movie props? Wouldn’t a ride in a tricked out Delorean from Back to the Future be more cool than the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? (can’t say I even remember the Ferrari, but everybody remembers the Delorean)

It’s very much an adult playground, although movie-savvy kids will likely get a kick out of it, even of they don’t get all the references. With the Disney and Marvel stuff all stored in other paying locations, patrons are more likely to see such things as the live-action “Flintstones” movie and Indiana Jones flicks. These are definitely what makes Movietopia an adult playground. There are monkey bars and swings and pits full of rubber snakes for you to roll around in. The idea is to be ridiculous and without shame, and that is a lot of fun.

Review: Movietopia an attraction made for the selfie generation

Not putting this interactive experience down because I haven’t experienced it for myself, am just curious if anybody reading has tried this out and/or knows or has read somebody who has reviewed this experience. Somebody in/near the Houston area? Any bloggers there that have attended yet?

Only opened a week or so ago. What I do know does not make me want to jump on a plane to Houston to check it out for myself. If this would come within 250 miles of us, I’d probably go check it out. Heck, I enjoyed the King Tut Museum exhibition and I never got to touch anything. It was all behind multiple layers of glass and security. I wanted to see the Titanic wreckage exhibit when that came in to Seattle, but missed that.

I’ll keep searching for anybody that has paid for a ticket to Movietopia and shared his/her/their experience. All I’m finding are articles from news organizations in the Houston area, which is alright, but not the same as paid attendees reviews.

Drop me a link if you find one in the comments, please, and/or if you’ve gone yourself of course. Tell us what it was like.

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