Cinebarre Issaquah, Washington First Experience seeing Last Christmas and Midway

On Friday we visited the Cinebarre in Issaquah. It is one of two located within 50 miles of us.

This was our third visit to a Regal Cinebarre with last month, October 2019, visiting Cinebarre Salem, Oregon and in September 2019 visiting Cinebarre Las Vegas Palace Station.

Cinebarre Issaquah is the smallest and oldest of the three we’ve been to so far. Salem, OR was the nicest and had the best layout. Issaquah seemed kinda sandwiched into the end of a strip mall.

We have been wanting to try out alcohol drinks, so checked into the drink menu.

The Soul Survivor was the drink of choice

Now here is what the real drink looked like:

No raspberry to be found inside the Soul Survivor

I tried asking the bartender a few questions about the drinks but he seemed very disinterested in providing any sort of information about them. Wasn’t like he was busy he just wasn’t friendly.

The food we ordered at our seats inside the theater was very good. That’s 3 for 3 with good movie. Our first movie seen was Last Christmas ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ which marked our first holiday-oriented movie in the theater. This was our 4th of 25+ holiday movie we’ve watched for our 2019 Holiday Movie Challenge so far.

The second movie of our double-feature at Cinebarre Issaquah was

These Regal Cinebarre theaters are great. Food and drinks while you watch movies in the theater is a fun experience. There is one more Cinebarre for us to visit and that’s Cinebarre Mount Lake Terrace.

Maybe we can get there in December.

Best as I can tell, there are currently 8 Cinebarre locations across the United States with 4 of them located in WA (2), OR (1) and Nevada (1). The other four are located in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Colorado.

Have you been to a dinner and movie experience yet? If so, what was your experience like? Please share in the comments.

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