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The Wrong Missy ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Those silly, stupid Sandler/Happy Madison movies can grow on you — if you give them a chance.

Often my first reaction to them, besides laughing loudly at some parts, is Sandler is having a lot of fun. Adam isn’t in this particular movie, instead relying on his friends and a newcomer to Happy Madison films, comedienne Lauren Lapkus.

Given she’s no Chris Farley to David Spade, but she’s bug-eyed funnier than Tiffany Haddish or Melissa McCarthy. Two female comedians I don’t get the draw to at all.

Like most Sandler-driven plots, they are simplistic. The entire movie happens because of a mistakenly sent text message. Who hasn’t done that before?

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as sending an important text to the wrong person. The recently released Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, The Wrong Missy, takes this modern nightmare and pushes it to an extreme and hilarious degree.

The ending of The Wrong Missy explained

Before we dig deeper into this film, spoilers are likely to follow. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll want to return to this post after doing so.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead ..

Let the blooper reel roll …

I’m a fan of blooper reels.

Lauren Lapkus gives David Spade a handjob on a plane + dives into ocean … and misses

Forget Snakes on a Plane, Lapkus roaming around giving hand jobs is way more scary and hilarious. “Relax, I was an assassin.” — great line!

“If you wanna imagine her face on my face when we f**k, I’m ok with that.” – another great Lapkus line.

My favorite Lapkus moment is when she dives into the ocean … and misses. Missy missing? Yeah, this is just the type of Happy Madison humor that drives most critics batty.

They are being criminally stupid — on purpose. The people who like this — they really, really like it — the people who don’t leave scathing reviews. You’ll see this below where the vast majority of reviews are negative for this film. I’m sure these reviewers get what’s trying to be done, they just don’t find this brand of stupid humor funny. I don’t blame them, but neither should they hold it against those of us who do 😉

Here’s the catch, just like Howard Stern, love or hate him, Happy Madison films draw ratings. Netflix says almost 2 billion hours have been spent on Happy Madison movies.

Netflix has greenlit 4 more Happy Madison Movies

Netflix isn’t going to pass up on a golden goose’s eggs.

Sandler and Netflix have been in business since the release of the 2015’s The Ridiculous 6 and Netflix claims that since then, its subscribers have spent more than 2 billion hours watching Sandler’s flicks. That includes The Do-OverSandy WexlerThe Week Of and Murder Mystery, which the company says was the most popular title on Netflix in the U.S. last year

Adam Sandler Re-Ups With Netflix
For Four More Movies – Deadline

Reviews by Others

How do others rate The Wrong Missy?


  1. Bookshelf Battle: “It’s got two things that Sandler’s flicks have been lacking during their last few (eh, make that several) outings – heart, and actual laughs.”
  2. jrzandmfz – Movie, Music & More: “If you want to be entertained and are not easily offended, I think you will enjoy the trip.”
  3. Keith Loves Movies (85%): “I have seen The Wrong Missy…twice! Take that information at your own risk but there is no shame or guilt in admitting that The Wrong Missy, Netflix’s latest original movie, is really funny.”
  4. NickNelson07: “I must take a second to praise Lauren Lapkus. This woman stole the show, hands down. If anything, the reason I would want to watch this again would be for her and her alone.”
  5. The One The Eight: “Anyways, what we hope is what we get. A movie that is produced by Happy Madison is bound to end all hunky dory, with everyone happy. It’s a shame they made the steamy scene into a funny one. The movie could have used it well.”
  6. The Sixth Form Reviewer: “There is no issue with acting in this, every character arc is fine. There are no problems in that sense; it’s just the story-line annoyed me. If that was improved a little bit, I would’ve enjoyed this movie a little bit more than I did. I laughed quite a bit because the movie was very funny but that’s what they were aiming for I reckon.”

Not Recommended

  1. abhishekcritic: “Director could have made this movie with better story and screenplay which would have made this movie much better.”
  2. Angie Aguayo (Grade: D): “I can tell that these both can be amazingly funny comedians, but I would go as far as to say that a lot of the time they aren’t even trying in this film. Maybe that’s the issue, or maybe it’s that the writing doesn’t play to their strengths. The best argument in my opinion is that it’s both.”
  3. Fantastic Film Fans (Grade: C-): “…consistently goes through the motions. David Spade appears to be sleepwalking as Sandler surrogate Tim, failing as the straight man foil to Lapkus’ hijinks.”
  4. Giadreams The Movie My Life: “…a film with roughly two funny moments I enjoyed, while the rest of it seemed as though it needed at least a second draft.”
  5. Griff’s Picks: “The sparse moments of amusement come from Lapkus’ early-’90s-zany-Jim Carrey-esque performance, but the rest is palm trees, hotel décor, and misanthropic improv, filled out to exactly ninety minutes (a contractual obligation, one presumes) by a long corporate talent show sequence in which one can’t be sure whether they’re supposed to be embarrassed for the characters or for the cast and crew.”
  6. Kage / Best in Your Girl: “It’s sad and pathetic group of people that are now stealing money from companies like Netflix, whom will see no fucking return, just to keep their dipshit friends employed within Hollywood. They’re not actors, they’re over glorified welfare recipients.”
  7. Keith & The Movies (1/5): “It’s a low-rung comedy with nothing to say and that doesn’t even try to do anything fresh or new. Manual labor, oral surgery, or even an insurance lecture would be a more entertaining way to spend your time.”
  8. leebutler / Movie Meister Reviews: “I don’t know how this company gets money to make movies, but I want to find out because somehow they get to make absolutely painful films and get paid for it. This film is just awful, though nowhere near the worst that this company has put out”
  9. Nick The Movie Critic: “…is a misguided total cluster fudge lacking a compelling narrative, organic jokes, an annoying love interest, common sense, interesting characters among a few things wrong with this stinker.”
  10. Peter Kanelis Reviews, Musings & Other Things: “I saw this out of desperation for a new cinematic experience.  I could have turned it off,  but my determination to see something through that I started was a too string for me to spare myself the pain.  The humor was not that clever, and the story was very predictable.  It was kind of like the Hallmark Channel going to the dark side.”
  11. Rachel’s Reviews: “It is so obvious the only effort here is to get a free vacation and it shows. Comedy deserves better. Netflix watchers deserve better. Humanity in quarantine deserves better. No thank you!”
  12. RDB Reviews: “This movie was Lame.”
  13. Ready Steady Cut / Jonathon Wilson: “…a tedious romantic cringe-comedy”
  14. The DC Review Blog (1/5): “…a below average Netflix release and most definitely not something I’d recommend to a friend or family member, despite the attractive and tropical setting of Hawaii.”
  15. TL;DR Movie Reviews (3/5): “An interesting premise, but I don’t think the film ever lives up to it.”
  16. Trailer Trashed (1.5/5): “If you really want to waste an hour and a half of lockdown then this will do that nicely, but you will lose many many brain cells in the process, and wont have a lot to show for it.”
  17. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “This movie is an unmitigated disaster and easily one of the worst films of 2020 if not THE worst. I would rather watch The Main Event again than this absolutely unfunny garbage of a movie”

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