Despite Lukewarm Reception for Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. Greenlights Third Movie

Regardless your feelings for Wonder Woman: 1984, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are booked to return for a third film. Or at least, that is the plan after perhaps after Jenkins finishes Rogue Squadron for Disney.

Jenkins is saying Rogue Squadron — which has a scheduled release date of December 22, 2023 — is pretty far along in the treatment process and she’ll have to work on the third Wonder Woman at the same time. Multi-tasking alert. My guess is Wonder Woman 3 will be out in 2024 or 2025, assuming the creative process doesn’t hit some kind of snag or key people — IE. Jenkins, as she did previously pull out of Thor — pull out of the project. I don’t see Jenkins bailing on Wonder Woman 3, but it wouldn’t be totally shocking if she doesn’t feel like she can do the story she wants to do.

Early speculation on what the third film will be about have Jenkins saying it won’t be another period piece.

“I’m not pining to put it in the past again, because where are you going to go? I think it would be weird,” she said in a Hollywood Reporter interview last year. “You have to go forward. It’s definitely a contemporary story. That’s all I can say. And so where we put it and how that gets figured out, I haven’t totally nailed down.” 

Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Wonder Woman 3’ | HuffPost

So, will Wonder Woman be battling something contempary like, er, a virus? That would be about as timely as anything could be in current times. There are rumors that Chris Pine might return as well, but nothing confirmed yet. I think Steve Trevor was largely wasted in WW1984, so if that’s how he’s coming back, maybe that should be cut. Another possibility is he might be flashbacks only, which is almost as bad. Time travel? Please, no.

Must admit that at this very early and much premature stage, I’m not that interested in seeing a third Wonder Woman movie. That could easily change once the story details and a teaser trailer emerge. After seeing a sequel that wasn’t great, it reduces our enthusiasm for another sequel.

It was somewhat inevitable that the trilogy would be made. And I am glad that Jenkins will get a chance to finish her vision of Wonder Woman. Maybe instead of Geoff Johns, she should spend more story writing time collaborating with Zack Snyder like was done in the first? My faith in Patty’s screenwriting skill is shaken after seeing her most recent effort.

Are you looking forward to a third Wonder Woman movie? Or are you feeling less excited, too, after seeing the current film? There were just too many delays, too many edits, too much fooling around with the film. I wonder how much that negatively impacted the finished product. We might never know.

Wonder Woman Vegetarian Cookbook Featuring Steve Trevor Egg Salad? LOL!

$19.99 USD for 136 page hardcover book isn’t terrible, but doesn’t the universe offer more?

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on Christmas in both theaters and on HBO Max. If you want to throw a vegetarian food party, here’s something that might provide some inspiration.

Recently, we talked about an drink recipe book based on Star Trek that only had a few dozen recipes (see: Enjoy Trying New Themed Drinks? Maybe Star Trek Cocktails Has a Tasty Recipe).

When Regal Cinebarre opens again, they have movie-themed drinks, see: Cinebarre Salem, Oregon First Experience Seeing Zombieland: Double Tap

Now we’re looking at a Wonder Woman themed vegetarian cookbook, dubbed The Official Wonder Woman Cookbook and it seems to share the same issue. Dig the creativity, but again not enough recipes.

…the overall cuisine is a perfect fit for Wonder Woman, and there’s some fun wordplay to be found: Hero’s Journey Hash and Fighting-Fit Feta Toast made me smile, Peaks of Paradise Biscuits and Mango Lassi of Truth are pretty clever, the Dip of Strength and Power made me laugh (in a good way), and of course Etta Candy gets her own Candy Cookies.  It would have been a shame had she not. Then there are some dishes like Steve Trevor Egg Salad and Feed the League Nachos that seem like they were included because someone thought “well, we have to mention Steve somewhere.”

Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook review | Batman News

Wonder Woman comics have spanned decades. Who gets these great IPs and says, let’s make a cookbook with only a few dozen recipes? I get that print is expensive, but here’s an idea: offer a free digital code when the book is purchased to expand the number of printed recipes by hundreds more. And make a digital version without the print book for a lower price or including the print version — for those who like these printed books in their kitchens.

I’m a fan of the printed book and realize paper increases costs, but in 2020 a recipe book with 50 or so recipes for $19.99 USD? Especially one with a license like Wonder Woman? I think in this day and age, especially with a vast IP of possibilities we could sit around come up with hundreds of Wonder Woman themed recipes. You don’t even have to be that creative to slap a Wonder Woman name on some kind of vegetarian food dish.

Wonder Woman The Official Cookbook is available at various booksellers.

Lynda Carter First Starred as Wonder Woman on 11/7/1975, Kamala “Momala” Harris Declared First Ever Female Vice President-Elect 45 years later

Let’s set aside President Trump’s current legal challenges to the election results in multiple battleground states for a moment and focus on something exciting and historic.

On Saturday November 7, the AP and consequently multiple other news agencies called the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden.

A curious coincidence that Lynda Carter aptly pointed out: she first starred as Wonder Woman in the pilot for the popular TV series exactly 45 years ago on November 7, 1975.

Carter also wrote of Harris becoming the first female vice president in U.S. history, “Beyond thrilled for my friend @KamalaHarris, who has fought for progress and justice for so long. A true stateswoman, she will show us all the things a VP is supposed to be.”

Lynda Carter Celebrates Kamala Harris By Noting 45th Anniversary of ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Premiere | Hollywood Reporter

I’ve been wanting to see more women in the highest political positions for years and this is one step for women closer to the presidency. In fact, if Biden should die during his time in office, which isn’t exactly a far stretch considering he will be the oldest president ever, then Kamala Harris will become the president.

I’d rather see a woman elected president than be awarded the position under 25th Amendment circumstances, but a win for women is a win.

Congratulations to “Momala” Harris, as she’s lovingly referred to by her family.

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris explains what it means to be “Momala”

Kamala Harris will provide a number of firsts in the White House, and it’s time these barriers fall for women. It will be good to see a man stand by his woman vs. the opposite. Women can and very much should be just as eligible for any elected political position.

Subscribe to DC Universe for Harley Quinn TV Series and Wonder Woman

Harley Quinn adult animated TV series … this is not for young children!

Just subscribed to DC Universe ( to watch the new Harley Quinn adult animated series starring Harley Quinn and for Wonder Woman. They are running a holiday promotion for new subscribers: 25% off the annual rate ($59.99/year vs. $74.99) or 20% off the monthly subscription ($5.99/mo. vs. $7.99).

With The Mandalorian first season ending soon (bummer!) on Disney+, needed something else new released on a weekly basis that looked interesting. Also, with Birds of Prey movie coming in February 2020, the timing is great.

My research into Harley Quinn has merely begun. No prior knowledge of the DC villain, never read the comic book (which appear to have started in 2000). First the animated series:

Harley Quinn the animated TV Series began November 29, 2019 … greenlit for 26 episodes!

Harley Quinn is an American adult animated web television series based on the Harley Quinn character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm that premiered on November 29, 2019 on DC Universe, and will initially consist of 13 episodes. The series is written and executive produced by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey and follows the misadventures of Harley Quinn and her best friend and partner in crime, Poison Ivy, after leaving her abusive ex-boyfriend the Joker.

Harley Quinn (TV series) – Wikipedia

I’ve always been a fan of adult animated work (The Simpsons, Heavy Metal, Beavis & Butthead and so on) and any series loaded with violence, carnage, creative characterization and storylines will draw me in.

Harley Quinn is badass even in a straitjacket … the bite is worse than the bark!

The first episode of Harley Quinn TV series “Til Death To Us Part” is seriously unchained. I’ll start reviewing these episodes weekly soon here on the blog, as have been doing with The Mandalorian. New episodes of Harley Quinn are being released on Fridays — stay tuned — what a busy day for new releases!

The are three episodes available now, S1E4 will be available 12/20/2019..

S1E1 “Til Death To Us Part” – 11/29/2019
S1E2 “A High Bar” – 12/6/2019
S1E3 “So You Need A Crew” – 12/13/2019
S1E4 .”Finding Mr. Right” … available 12/20/2019

Harley Quinn Comics

Another awesome perk included with subscribing to DC Universe is the ability to read comic books, including Harley Quinn:

There are a ton of Harley Quinn comic books to read included in the DC Universe subscription

I haven’t read comic books in years, so this will be fun to read into Harley Quinn’s comic history while enjoying the TV series and the upcoming feature film in February 2020.

DC Universe is available online via many supported options: their website, a mobile app (iTunes and Android), Android Fire, ROKU, Xbox One, Kindle. So plenty of ways to enjoy.

This is clearly a niche streaming service like Shudder does for horror. Is it worth $6/month? It depends on whether or not you are interested in DC. I think just to watch the Harley Quinn animated TV series and view all the comic books is worth that, but if you aren’t interested in Harley, you have Superman, Batman and plenty more DC to explore.

Lots of Streaming Choices — Christmas Day EVERY Day

My challenge? Becoming too much for one person to possibly watch. We now have paid subscriptions to:

Regal Unlimited (two passes + $22/month each) — all 2D new theater movies
Amazon Prime Video ($130/year)
w/ Starz ($0.99/month — three month promo)
Netflix ($17/month)
Hulu ($6/month)
Disney+ ($75/year)
Shudder ($6/month)
DC Universe ($6/month)

Probably over the limit and going to cut something(s) out. This is an amazing time to be a movie and TV fan. I can’t remember another time in my life when so much has been available. Feel like I’m in Willy Wonka’s factory of entertainment.

Here’s what our ROKU currently looks like as of 12/19/2019

Maybe Hulu gets the axe, as I’ve waded through what I originally signed up for (11/22/63 TV series and some movies to watch like Booksmart). Regal Unlimited or Amazon Prime (most watched streaming channel) aren’t going anywhere. Netflix is hemorrhaging content, my eye is on them, but lately they’ve released some outstanding original movies:

Starz will be unsubbed when the three month 99 cent promo is up and it returns to the regular monthly price of $8.99/month. Shudder? I still have plenty to watch there, plus enjoying what they are adding new and want to support the niche horror community … yowsa.

Choices, choices, choices!

DC Universe – are you subscribed? Interested?

Anybody else reading subscribed to DC Universe? Tell me more about it. Looks like I’m barely scratching the surface in this streaming channel. More to come!