Weird Al Yankovich joined a contest for unpaid cameo in Bill and Ted Face The Music

The perennial music parody guy, Weird Al Yankovich, is a huge fan of the Bill and Ted film franchise. So big that he entered a contest to win an a brief cameo in the movie. Er, rather, in the end credits part of the film.

In fact, only eagle-eyed fans would have seen Werd Al show up in Bill and Ted Face the Music. As the singer recently pointed out on Instagram, he’s only on screen for a second or two. The moment takes place during the movie’s end credits sequence. Footage of fans seemingly jamming out to the soundtrack rushed past. And Weird Al is among them

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Didn’t Even Get Paid to Appear in ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’

A curious story considering Yankovich is still a celebrity musician himself. Would think he could have scored a cameo the traditional route and even gotten paid. It’s a much cooler way to get a cameo as a fan, though.

My favorite Weird Al parody is “Eat It”, spoofing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Speaking of fandom, I enjoyed and recommend the strangeness of Yankovich’s movie, UHF ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I mean how many other comedies can you laugh at a guy sawing off his own fingers?

Still haven’t seen Bill and Ted Face The Music (FIRST LOOK) yet, but it’s definitely on our radar. Am eyeing buying the three film package deal for $39.99 from Google Play vs. paying $24.99 for just the new movie VOD. Just seems like a better deal getting three movies for 40 bucks vs. one movie for 25, but who knows if we’ll pull the trigger or not.

In the meantime, and though I’ve been trying to avoid any other reviews of the new Bill and Ted film, I’ve seen some positive review headlines. If you’ve see the new Bill and Ted, feel free to give us some non-spoiler thoughts in the comments.