Walmart closing – They sell DVD format movies only?

Walmart sold Vudu to Fandango (see: Fandango Buys Vudu from Walmart – What Does This Mean For Both Services?). Now, they are shuttering Jet., which was acquired by Walmart for $3 billion may soon be offering a going out of business sale on physical movies here:

today the retail giant quietly announced in its quarterly report that it would be discontinuing, the online-only marketplace that it acquired when it was just over one year old for $3 billion (plus $300 million in earn-outs over time), as it struggles to bring its e-commerce operations into that black after reportedly seeing a loss of $2 billion in the division in 2019 and shifting how to deliver its e-commerce strategy: by betting on giant stores, rather than online warehouses, as the hubs of its online delivery model.

Walmart says it will discontinue Jet, which it acquired for $3B in 2016 | TechCrunch

We shop at Walmart from time to time, I guess who doesn’t? I didn’t and wouldn’t have spent a penny on some online service I never used or cared about. Might give them an order if they have special deals on UHD or Blu-ray but all I could find on their site from an admittedly real brief search was DVDs. Those are like really old school, so probably a big no on that.

Let me reprocess this. An online store selling movies in DVD format only? I guess there are more DVD players than anything else and getting them is cheap, you can offer amazing sales on them, but why not sell blu rays and UHD?

$3 billion? Talk about a bizarre waste of money backing an online store that pretty much never had any chance against the behemoth Amazon. Don’t want to dance on Jet’s grave, but they just took a bullet to the chest and are bleeding out fast, so keep them in your prayers if you actually enjoy the service.

Anybody reading that likes or uses Jet? Order from them like … ever? What is their specialty?

Fandango Buys Vudu from Walmart – What Does This Mean For Both Services?

We use Vudu as our primary redemption method for digital titles

Walmart has sold Vudu to Fandango for an undisclosed sum. We didn’t use either service that much, so impact to us will be minimal. Also, it seems that Fandango isn’t going to change that much — at least immediately — how Vudu operates.

Walmart says Vudu customers will have uninterrupted access to their Vudu library. They’ll also continue to be able to use their Walmart login as well as their Walmart wallet to make purchases on Vudu, the retailer notes.

Walmart is selling its on-demand video service Vudu to Fandango | TechCrunch

One of the bonus features we really enjoyed as part of our unlimited monthly theater pass through Regal — on hiatus presumably until theaters reopen — is getting digital redemption codes for movies we see 90 days or so later. We’ve talked about this feature as being value-added (see: Regal Moviegoers, Claim Your Digital Copies) and not requiring any additional money.

As for watching movies, Vudu has offered “free” movies as long as you’re willing to put up with some ads. They aren’t as obnoxious as Crackle, more like the IMDB service. I’m OK with a couple ads here and there, but vastly prefer no ads. I remember Hulu’s ad experience not being too saturated either. When you see a 90 minute movie stretched into over 2 hours because of ads, that is way too intrusive.

So, I’m sort of marginally in support of ad-supported “free” movies and TV show services. Would much rather have them like Netflix, Amazon and the other premiums subscription services that have either zero ads or only a small amount of ads for their own original content. I actually like a few ads for originals to keep me reminded what’s coming soon.

As for Fandango, they had a couple of nice early access movie offers, one of which I took advantage of (see: Be the First to See Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep 8 Days Early – Wednesday 10-30-2019 – Through Fandango (LIMITED TIME OFFER — HURRY!)) — so hope they continue to offer those. That’s about the only way we’ll likely be buying tickets for movies through them going forward.

Fandango made a lame attempt to capture the 3D VR market of Oculus, but never really added that many titles, which makes me wonder just how committed they are to “new” things (see: Watching Movies on Oculus Go) they dabble in. Let’s hope that they treat Vudu with a little more excitement and interest.

Vudu isn’t going to be a major player in the crowded streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Peacock, HBO Max, etc), but it could grow its footprint in the VOD market. This might be the primary reason why Fandango wants them, so that if VOD blows up as more day and date titles are being released, they are there to capture a bigger piece of that pie. When we paid $19.99 recently for Trolls World Tour, it was Vudu that got our $$.

Do you use Fandango and/or Vudu very much right now? What do you think of this news? Pretty much a non-event?