Terminator Still Alive Thanks To New Anime Series Ordered by Netflix

After the very underwhelming Terminator: Dark Fate, we proposed that the next most logical place for Terminator to continue would be as a TV series. After all, one of the last decent Terminator-related entries was The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

It seems Netflix was thinking along the same lines, going one step better and pushing the franchise into an anime series.

As the project is still in the early stages, plot details are being kept under wraps. Netflix has partnered with Skydance on the series, with Skydance having produced the last two “Terminator” films. The series is produced in partnership with Production I.G , who Netflix has had a production line deal with since 2018. Production I.G’s past anime credits include “Ghost in the Shell,” “B: The Beginning,” and “Eden of the East.”

‘Terminator’ Anime Series Ordered at Netflix – Variety

Have also read recently that James Cameron wants to get back full control of the Terminator IP. I don’t know if this means after he gets out of Avatar land, that he’ll be directing another Terminator movie, but suggests he’s still interested in the franchise. It seems like that cow has been milked and it’s time for some fresh perspectives which maybe with this anime TV series project will happen.

Censors wouldn’t allow the use of the word “vagina” in Grey’s Anatomy, but “penis” was OK

The irony of a medical TV show with the word “anatomy” in its title being unable to use an anatomical term for a sexual organ is wild, but true.

This was 2005, not 1955. Even more bizarre.

“And that’s why … That’s where the term ‘va-jay-jay’ came from. [Creator Shonda Rhimes] made up ‘va-jay-jay’ because standards and practices would not let us say ‘vagina.’ And Shonda’s argument was like, ‘We said “penis” in that episode 97 times. You can say “penis” 97 times but you can’t say “vagina”?’ “

Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo Recalls Not Being Allowed to Say Vagina | PEOPLE.com

Maybe they should have called the show “Grey’s Va-jay-jay” lol. The standards and practices censors must have some goofy playbook to go by. I remember that word very early in school. It’s a medical term. What are they censoring”

Felt the urge to include a medical picture — censored, somewhat — just … because.

I’m pretty sure in 2020 you can now safely say “vagina” 97 times to go along with “penis.” You might even be able to use the word “pussy” because, well, it also refers to a cat.

The C-word is probably still out.

Alex Trebek Dead at 80 From Pancreatic Cancer, He Hosted Jeopardy Until The End

A stellar 65 seasons of the game show Jeopardy! have been produced, with Alex Trebek as host since 1984

Another sad death to report due to cancer in the form of the long time host of the popular game show Jeopardy!: Alex Trebek has moved to the great beyond

Trebek was best known for his role behind the podium on the long-running quiz show Jeopardy!, which he began hosting in 1984 when its daily syndicated version launched. At the time of his death, Trebek had presided over more than 8,000 episodes of the beloved, and he had planned to remain host of Jeopardy! until at least 2022, when his new contract expired.

Alex Trebek Dies: ‘Jeopardy’ Host Dead at 80 of Pancreatic Cancer | TVLine

Trebek joins another cancer victim who passed recently, Eddie Van Halen and others who have died this year (see: The List of Talented Entertainment People Dying In 2020 Continues: Sean Connery RIP at 90)

Personally, didn’t watch much Jeopardy! but always enjoyed what I saw of it when somebody turned it on and there’s no denying that Trebek was a master host. He was the guy to have in that spot, just like Richard Dawson was Family Feud.

It’s unlikely a cure for cancer will be found in my lifetime, but I believe someday that cure will be found. Trebek was 80 years old, so he wasn’t taken away as early as some are, but we need to find a cure. A lot of much smart, smart people are working on it which bookends this post on a note of hope for the future.

RIP Alex Trebek.

A Billionaire Neighbor Allegedly Uses Gilligan’s Island Theme Song As Psychological Harassment

LOL! You just can’t make up some of this stuff.

This should be a movie where neighbors go to war, something like The War With Grandpa, except titled War With TV Show Theme Songs.

Billionaire Bill Gross, according to the story from CNN below, became embroiled in a neighbor battle over some out of code sculpture and lighting on his property. Instead of doing what most civil, reasonable neighbors would do: work out the dispute amicably, he apparently resorted to blaring the theme song to Gilligan’s Island as some sort of psychic torture.

Shortly after, Towfiq and Nakahara allege Gross began retaliating against them by harassing and disturbing them with “loud music and bizarre audio recordings at excessive levels” during various hours of the day and night — including pop or rap music, and often a series of television theme songs, according to the lawsuit, including the “Gilligan’s Island” theme on a loop.

Billionaire Bill Gross accused of blaring ‘Gilligan’s Island’ theme song on loop at his neighbor – CNN

They should have done this to Malcolm McDowell with those things that hold his eyes open in Kubrick’s famous movie A Clockwork Orange.

What other classic TV show themes could be use as veterans in psychic wars (my shameless BOC reference)? The Brady Bunch? Scooby Doo Where Are You?

Which TV show theme would drive you batty played repeatedly at excess volume?

Gene Simmons Lists Family Jewels House for $22 Million, Moving To Washington State

The house where this show was filmed
is now on sale for $22 million

There’s something exciting about seeing a house for real that is featured in a movie or TV show. Once upon a time we drove by the house where The Osbournes were filmed. You can’t miss it. No, we didn’t stick around and gawk at their house, but will admit it was kind of cool to see from the street.

Other famous houses I’d like to see? The Amityville Horror house and the house from The Brady Bunch.

Another reality TV show house has just gone on the market, thanks to the “Rock and Roll All Night” bassist, Gene Simmons.

The listing, held by the Altman Brothers of Douglas Elliman, call it a “palatial estate” and an “incredible one of a kind 16,000 square-foot mansion.” It features seven bedrooms and bathrooms with a 40-foot foyer, and the 1.84-acre property contains a pool with a 60-foot water slide, full-size tennis court and parking for 35 cars. The house was shown extensively on Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, his reality show that ran on A&E between 2006 and 2012.

Gene Simmons’ ‘Palatial Estate’ Hits Market for $22 Million

We keep reading about people leaving California. Certain parts of the state are beautiful, like northern California (the Redwoods!) and some of the eastern and southern parts of the state. They also have some very good weather.

For the negatives, they’ve got some severe problems in major cities — drugs, crime, homelessness (not throwing shade, Seattle where we live is no paradise either) — and are heavy on taxes. These taxes drove away popular podcaster Joe Rogan to Texas and now Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons also wants to leave California.

If you’ve never seen Family Jewels, it was a better reality TV show than we expected. It mostly covered Gene and his long time girlfriend and former Playboy model Shannon Tweed and their two teen children, Nick and Sophie. They were a family but not married, because Gene Simmons, wasn’t wanting to settle down, despite having two children with Tweed and being a family outside of wedlock. You’ll have to watch the show to see what happens, but it was a different kind of reality show than The Osbournes.

What’s most fascinating to me about this story is that Simmons plans to move to Washington State. He cited the lower taxes and location near Mount Rainier as a compelling factor.

A view near our home, taken from this post: Mount Rainier Doesn’t Care About COVID-19

We live very close to Mount Rainier, so we might someday be neighbors with the famous long tongued bassist on “Hotter Than Hell.”

Pachinko on Emotional Steroids? The Wall on NBC

The Wall on NBC and is available for streaming on Hulu

For the most part we do movies here, but movies show up on TV which leads to TV shows. Some TV shows are just really, really long movies. And then there are the oddities, the reality TV shows and game shows.

The Wall has changed people’s lives, giving away more than $11 million to date! This season, executive producer LeBron James has a game-changing twist to give away record-breaking money. Get ready for the all-new Superdrop, when all seven balls rain down in a waterfall drop that takes the total possible prize each night to over $13 million! But with more reward comes more risk and the potential to lose it all. Every question and every decision could make the difference of millions of dollars on what is truly the most unpredictable show on television.

The Wall – NBC.com

To date, we haven’t covered any game shows here, but game shows can be fun to watch. I hadn’t heard about or seen The Wall on NBC (https://www.nbc.com/the-wall), but if you’ve ever played the game pachinko, it blends that with questions and answers.

If the contestants answer a question correctly they get this green ball which will drop into a slot and increase their prize bank. Answer wrong and a red ball drops and deducts from the prize amount. Add to that an isolation booth segment where the spouse, significant other friend or family member in the booth must decide to take the guaranteed money or bet on the results of the wall by signing or tearing up a contract. This game show is pretty entertaining and comes from executive producer, Lebron James.

Yes, the athlete sensation on the basketball court, Lebron James.

There is some real dramatic tension that sets this game show apart from just watching people randomly win money. They tell their stories of love for each other as they come to a decision to take guaranteed money or take a chance on the results of the wall. The last few minutes of the show are a nail biter as viewers root for the right decision being made by the person who was isolated and doesn’t know whether taking the guaranteed money was better than the result of the wall’s prize fund — which could and sometimes is zero.

The Wall is on NBC Live TV (Wednesdays at 8PM) and available for streaming on Hulu. It has been renewed for a fourth season.

Night Gallery 50th Anniversary Book Showcases All Paintings

From 1969 – 1973 an anthology show that featured stories based at least in part on paintings. Think Twilight Zone with more supernatural stories and yet often having twist endings.

That’s right, the other anthology Rod Serling TV Show, the darker-themed one.

December 16, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, a weekly NBC series that unleashed weekly tales of spine-tingling terror and suspense.  To celebrate 50 years, Creature Features, an award-winning publisher of high-quality art and pop culture books, commemorates the series with the new book Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: The Art of Darkness.

New Book Pays Homage To ‘Rod Serling’s Night Gallery’ – Horror News Network

If you haven’t seen Night Gallery before, I’m jealous. A bunch of wild, weird and wonderful stories await your viewing pleasure. A young Steven Spielberg directed one episode of this TV series called “Eyes” and starred Joan Crawford.

The Drew Barrymore Show promises no “mundane questions” that launched 9/14 – Will it be on CBS All Access?

The Drew Barrymore TV show launched Monday 9/14/2020 — yes, a new show launching during the pandemic, yay! — and she virtually and not-so-virtually had her former Charlie’s Angels Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz on, as well as a video message 50 First Dates style from the sandman Adam Sandler.

The hour long daytime talk show airs daily and you can figure out “where to watch” by clicking a link on Drew’s official website (https://www.thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/).

Based on her own experience in a ton of interviews, she promises no “mundane questions.”

“People are looking to have a different conversation. I think they are looking to if they are putting themselves out there, I assume, to reveal things about them that are not commonly known,” she says of her guests. “I think it is really weird when people choose to do a profession but you can’t know anything about me. It’s like, well, you took the wrong job, it is fair game. Most people want to present their heart and humor, the same thing on this show.”

Drew Barrymore on What to Expect From Her New Talk Show (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

Is this a shot across the bow to Ellen Degeneres, the queen of daytime TV talk that has been under fire for having an alleged behind the scenes toxic work environment? Or is this just a friendly show description?

Neither of us are big on daytime talk shows. I’ve never watched even one full episode of Ellen — ever, but have watched some of her interviews over the years. She has a comfortable interview style that seems to put her guests at ease and it’s softball stuff. Definitely not the kind of hard-hitting, under the covers Howard Stern interview style (love many of Howard’s interviews!). Not sure how Barrymore will do, but will probably check out some of what she’s up to. I’m a fan of Barrymore and would like to see her succeed, if her show doesn’t suck, it just might.

Marketing a new show in 2020

What is curious about Barrymore’s show from a marketing and distribution standpoint — CBS, looking at you — is why it’s not on CBS All Access? Or is it, and I’m just not finding it?

This is bizarre in 2020. Especially considering CBS is trying to expand CBS All Access and make it a more major player in the streaming market (see: CBS All Access Working on Greatly Expanded Library For Release in 2021). Maybe Drew’s show, if it takes off, will be part of this expansion in 2021(?)

Instead, it seems, to watch the show right now, today, launch week, we’ll forced to watch on live TV? That’s not likely to happen often in our household anyway, even though we can watch via Locast (see: How do you access streaming channels on your TV in July 2020?). This is 2020, why didn’t Drew and CBS take care of the cord cutting streamer audience?

Maybe they’ll eventually go with a schedule like The Talk does and have live episodes on traditional TV and archived episodes on streaming (CBS All Access). There is an official Drew Barrymore YouTube channel to subscribe to (21k+ subscribers as of this writing) that already shares clips from the first show, so this might be the way they’re going to roll for awhile. Full show on live TV (and the commercial love), clips on their official YouTube channel and no archival full episodes on streaming.

For those who watched the debut episode of The Drew Barrymore Show: did you enjoy it? Will you be tuning in regularly? Watch a few episodes here and there? Rather see Drew in movies and don’t care? Your perspective is welcome in the comments below.

CBS All Access added new content on July 30 – still mostly for TV fans

On July 30, CBS All Access not so quietly added more content for subscribers, including hubs a la HBO Max for Bet, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickoledean and Smithsonian Channel.

As mentioned previously (see: CBS All Access Working on Greatly Expanded Library For Release in 2021), CBS doesn’t want their flagship streaming channel to be a niche, also-ran with a few good old classic TV shows, a smattering of movies, Star Trek and some other new shows.

CBS All Access showed a bit of its hand today, announcing it added some 3,500 episodes to its service from roughly 70 new shows, including series from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, TV Land, VH1, and the Smithsonian Channel. It’s also added more Paramount Pictures flicks since its initial announcement in May, with more than 150 movies now available to stream. That’s on top of CBS’s already expansive library on the service.

Hold Onto Your Peacock, CBS All Access Just Got Better

We resubscribed late last month in preparation to watch Star Trek: Lower Decks (FIRST LOOK) and Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone Season 2. I binged all episodes of the latter one and enjoyed it a little more than the first season. Am waiting for them to release the black and white versions, as I enjoy watching that series (more) desaturated. Weird? Nah, just classic minded I guess. I think of Twilight Zone in black and white, not color.

At any rate, what else has new has been added of interest to CBS All Access, or what was there all along that we haven’t paid much attention to?

A few more movies added

Emphasis on the word “few.” You can quick scroll from top to bottom all the movies A-Z on CBS in very short order. I’d say, without counting, that’s it’s less than 200 total movies.

By contract, HBO Max has around 1,000 or more. Peacock? Less than HBO Max but an overall decent amount of titles (see: ). Netflix has over 3,000 movies. Amazon Prime has over 10,000 movies – sure, most aren’t worth watching, but they slay all competition in the volume department. Hulu for number of movies is somewhere between CBS and Peacock. If you want Marvel, Star Wars or classic Disney, well Disney+ has you covered.

After this update, CBS still isn’t exactly a destination for movie lovers — yet. They are reportedly working on a rebranding in 2021 and adding even more movies.

Live CBS TV – has it been there all along?

Live TV is something I wasn’t really aware they offered before — and maybe it’s been there all along — but sure enough we can watch the local CBS channel as part of the subscription. That’s cool for watching news. We also get that through locast.org and if I we installed an over the air antennae, we’d get even more free local broadcast.

This would be useful for watching the NFL Sunday CBS broadcasted games, coming up in a couple months. I don’t know if/when they broadcast any MLB, but that would be of interest.

MTV – Aeon Flux, Beavis & Butthead, Celebrity Death Match

Something I was looking around to watch recently after seeing Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux was the original animated series.

Good news for fans, as season 1 of Aeon Flux is now available on CBS All Access.

Celebrity Death Match Season 5 and 6, Beavis & Butthead Season 1-3 are also available.

CBS All Access is a decent value for TV fans and they made it a little better.

What are CBS All Access streaming competitors doing with Live TV?

I wish that Disney+ included live TV for Fox. So +1 for Live TV offering from CBS, even if we rarely watch live TV, at least we know it’s there as part of the subscription.

Peacock sort of flirts around with Live coverage, offering some Live Sports and organizes some of their TV content as “live channels.” It’s not the same as offering the full live TV channel, but at least they are moving in that direction.

Netflix offers no live TV, they are strictly on demand streaming. While this has worked well for them to date, one could see them being behind the curve in this area as more cord cutters move to streaming but also desire some amount of Live TV programming.

Amazon Prime has flirted with live TV, offering Thursday night NFL football games. Think I watched one of them and it was done well. There are rumors circulating that they are working on adding 24/7 live TV, no idea how much more they will charge or if this will be included as part of an existing Prime subscription.

HBO Max is all on demand. They don’t offer any access to their cable TV and satellite Live TV channels.

Hulu offers Live TV as a paid add-on service.

Will CBS All Access Rebranding Really Matter?

This could and probably should be a separate post, because I have a lot to say about name and branding changes, but will summarize here.

I don’t care that much about names and branding. Sure, it makes sites easier to visit on the web if their name isn’t Quibi, but what is CBS All Access going to rebrand to? Don’t think that’s been announced yet, but if they want to attract more movie fans, than they need to bulk up their movie library. Their TV offering is compelling enough to bring us back once or twice a year.

It’s their originals right now, as mentioned above, that caused us to resubscribe. I might have resubscribed to check out Aeon Flux because that’s not available anywhere else and costs $1.99 an episode on Google Play. Can binge the whole first season as part of the subscription, so excited there.. Also, I’d definitely be interested in revisiting Beavis & Butthead. Fondly remember that MTV show.

Will Star Trek: Lower Decks be a hit or miss? Don’t know, but am looking more forward to checking that out next week when it debuts.

What are you looking most forward to seeing on CBS All Access? Anything there now or coming soon?

Upload Season 2 promises “more new tech” says show creator – Yay!

Upload ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

To date this is my favorite new TV show of 2020 (see: YES – Amazon Greenlights Upload Season 2) being teased for what’s coming by creator Greg Daniels at Comic-Con@Home.

“We’re right in the middle of writing it so I don’t want to get into too many specifics in case the plans change,” Greg continued. and”But there’s going to be a lot more new tech, we’re going to find out more about the ‘Luds’ and their community.”

Upload season 2 will have big changes, teases creator

More new tech. Oh, yeah! We need these phones with the floating tech displayed in the show — right now.

Looks very similar to an Android phone — floating touch-screen UI

In my review of the first season, I highlighted more of the tech, but if you haven’t seen this show on Amazon Prime yet, what are you waiting for? It’s more than just eye candy for those who love futuristic tech, it has some truly believable tech, which is part of what made me enjoy it so much.

Think of the safety aspect of drone police in traffic stops

You think back to the 60s Star Trek and some of that tech hat might have seemed impossible at the time and 50+ years later we have some of it, particularly the communicators and GPS positioning.; ,

Recently, I started watching The Orville on Hulu. I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the first season but like what Seth Macfarlane has cooking there so far. Too early for me to gauge the use of tech in that show, but it’s an important part of what makes sci-fi movies and TV fun.

It’s great seeing that Greg Daniels and his team are doing some deep thinking on the tech for season 2. There has been no date announced for when we might see season two, but remain hopeful it can be at some point in 2021. We need the Bill & Ted phone booth to beam into the future and watch the future seasons of Upload.’

What futuristic tech would you like to see explored in Upload and/or other sci-fi shows?