Trolls-themed Oreos, Sugar Cookie Dough, Fruit Snacks, More + Trolls World Tour VOD Launch

Trolls World Tours available for streaming on VOD ($19.99) as of 9pm PST 4/9/2020

I’m sure everybody reading has their Trolls Oreos and Trolls toothpaste ready. If you don’t then you should know these are essential products (lol).

There are Trolls Oreos, Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugar cookie dough, Betty Crocker fruit snacks and Trix cereal. There’s Trolls toothpaste to keep your teeth sparkling!

Trolls-themed products hit shelves before new movie hits internet | WTAJ –

Paid my $22 after tax and our grandchildren took naps and are ready to stay up for showtime in a few hours. Looking forward to seeing those other musical lands, Poppy, Branch and friends!