FIRST LOOK: Fantasy Island (2020)

The trailer has dropped for the Tattoo-less movie version of Fantasy Island from Blumhouse (see bottom of this post) and yes, it is a horror film due to open on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2020:

Ok, so here are my rapid fire trailer takeaways, and bear in mind these are intended to be stream of consciousness:

  • Not digging Michael Pena’s Mr Roarke accent. Not enough emphasis on the iconic line, “Smiles everyone! Smiles!”
  • Pena looks good in the all white suit, however
  • Why does the island party look like every other horror movie the night before everybody gets hacked and slashed?
  • Good looking young adults, ready to live out “only” one fantasy per person each
  • What’s with the host/employee that has a bloody nose at the end? Please don’t bring me back to Firestarter mental abilities.
  • ‘The plane is here’ lady pales in comparison to Tattoo’s iconic “Da plane, da plane!”
  • Hope they go horror all the way — try to scare us –and not the Zombieland horror-comedy route.
Fantasy Island (2020) opens in theater February 14, 2020

I remember the original TV show used to come on after The Love Boat, later in the evening. Viewers could expect the unexpected fantasies, that would somehow be connected by the end of the hour. Hoping this maintains that feeling.

What Others Are Saying About Fantasy Island (2020)

Others are commenting on the trailer and reboot and, from my research, it seems like the general consensus is lukewarm to somewhat curious anticipation. Here are links to a few others commenting on the trailer:

  • Nathaniel Muir: “There is still an island on which guests can live out their fantasies, but the same silliness of the show is not seen. Instead, Blumhouse’s adaptation looks to be another addition to their horror movie library.”
  • The Urban Daily: “And if you’re looking for a little person to replace the late Hervé Villechaize aka Tattoo from the OG series as Mr. Roarke’s assistant, you’ll have to settle for Parisa Fitz-Henley, who you may remember from Jessica Jones.”
  • The Outerhaven: “I’ve got to question the decision to make the island evil. It would be one thing to have, say, one of the guests have a dark fantasy that ends up sucking the other guests in or maybe the guests think they are there for their own fantasies but just a part of someone else’s.”
  • John Spry / Spryfilm: “Dubbed a blending of “Westworld” and “The Cabin in the Woods,” the story follows a group of contest winners who arrive at the island.”
  • Popgeek: “This new version from Blumhouse and Sony Pictures takes the “dream gone wrong” concept to extremes the ABC censors wouldn’t have appreciated.”
  • MovieKaiser: “I’d be willing to guess this reimagining has lovelorn singles taking out their heartbreaks and romantic revenge plots out on the people who hurt them the most, with Mr. Roarke assisting to make it happen.”
  • See what everybody is saying about #FantasyIsland on Twitter

How excited are you about seeing Fantasy Island (2020)? See it in the theater, on streaming or unsure if you want to see it at all?

FIRST LOOK: Adam Sandler Stars In THRILLER Uncut Gems December 12

Uncut Gems – thriller with early critical acclaim starring, yes, seriously, Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one very special creative genius. I’ve always thought he had more in him than just silly, stupid, goofy comedies. But who wouldn’t be happy enough with another The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore or The Waterboy, Airheads? Simple.

Adam Sandler.

This guy wants his due. And he deserves it. Hollywood critics think most of his comedy is beneath juvenile, rewarding it with scathing reviews and sub teen tomatometer scores.

And then there are Sandler fans like us. We enjoy Sandler’s quirky, outrageous, zany antics. He’s been this generation’s Jerry Lewis meets Don Knotts.

So earlier today I was surprised to come across a movie trailer (top of post) I had no idea he was starring in called Uncut Gems, And lo and behold, early critic reviews at Rotten Tomatoes for Uncut Gems are …. like this:

Wow. I mean, 95% is the current tomatometer for an Adam Sandler thriller?!?! This is Twilight Zone stuff. Seriously, I took a screenshot:

Just for comparison, here are some reviews from another Adam Sandler movie on Rotten Tomatoes 6 years ago:

Now, given the movie above (Grownups 2 with tomatometer 7%) was bad, still, it’s like they aren’t even talking about the same actor. This proves that Hollywood memories are short. Critics can and do change their actor’s worth based on just one picture.

When it comes to movies, it’s more often the song, not the singer.

I added Uncut Gems to our watchlist and am really looking really forward to it. I thought he’d been run off from the big screen and to straight to Netflix movies (Murder Mystery ⭐️⭐️½  was the last movie we saw by him and Jennifer Aniston on Netflix).

Go get them, Sandler. I hope this thriller is every bit the gem in the title and your much deserved creative career. Thank you for making me cry and laugh and be entertained countless times. In whatever genre you want, you keep making films.

We’ll keep watching.