Movie-related Things To Do In Las Vegas

Sunny weather for our trip to Las Vegas

We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in Las Vegas this week, I’m compiling the following movie-related things to do in Las Vegas:

  1. Play at least one spin of every movie-related slot machine type seen.
  2. Visit the Cinnebar Palace Station and try one of their tasty dinner menu items, while watching a movie.
  3. Watch at least one 4DX movie. The Red Rock shows 4DX movies. Maybe Rambo: Last Blood will have a 4DX showing on Thursday? Think this would be a cool movie to see in 4DX.
  4. Visit the MGM Casino and view their movie-related props and items
  5. Visit the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the hit TV show Pawn Stars

If we think of more, we’ll add to the list. Feel free to use the comments if you can think of any more.