Fox’s The X-Files: Alburquerque taking page from Star Trek: Lower Decks – will it be adult enough?

The X-Files ran from 1993-2018

While this might seem like the perfect topic for a FIRST LOOK, those are primarily reserved for films and TV that have been ordered, produced and are filming for release. That doesn’t apply with this project — yet — but it’s on the right track toward that end.

Adult animated series are a popular proposition in 2020 and Fox won’t be left out reminding they have deep roots — they’re behind The Simpsons after all. They are now working on an animated spinoff based on The X-Files that sounds like Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Fox is developing The X-Files: Albuquerque from Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko, writers on Netflix’s animated comedy Paradise PD and Comedy Central’s Brickleberry. The new iteration is an animated series about an office full of misfit agents who investigate the X-Files cases too wacky, ridiculous or downright dopey for Mulder and Scully to bother with. They’re basically the X-Files’ B-team.

Fox Developing ‘The X-Files’ Animated Comedy Spin-Off – Deadline

The reason Lower Decks is being referenced is that show focuses on the unsung heroes, the red shirts, the B-squad. The problem I’ve had with that show is how they don’t go far enough. They pull back on the adult nature of the animated series. My feelings are if you’re going to spoof something and call it adult, then make it adult. That means give us some Heavy Metal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ style nudity, graphic language, adult situations. Basically, with the exception of nudity, we’re talking about Harley Quinn as a template.

Here’s what makes me think this X-Files animated show could be hopelessly neutered (and for the record, hope I’m wrong!). It’s one word that starts with a D. Fox is own by the biggest D that doesn’t end with a K, Disney. The same company owns Marvel, which is behind the very adult Deadpool, but we haven’t heard a new Deadpool announced.

Can Disney go adult? Yes, through Hulu (see: Hulu is the Adult/Mature Disney+, Just ask Hillary Duff). Would like to see Disney continue to use Hulu that way.