10+ The War With Grandpa Reviews – Senior Citizen vs. Middle School Kid + Christopher Walkin & Cheech!

The War With Grandpa ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

A bedroom hangs in the balance for this war between age vs. youth.

Edgy it’s not, but everyone seems to be having a pretty good time, perhaps especially the senior class. File it under De Niro’s commitment to be constantly working — augmenting dramatic roles like “The Irishman” with lighter fare, such as the “Meet the Parents” movies and “The Intern” — without excessive fretting about the quality of the material, which he elevates as best he can.

‘The War With Grandpa’ review: Robert De Niro stars in a light family comedy – CNN

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Pranks old vs. new

The whole setup for pranks employed by grandpa, who uses tools vs. grandson that employs more technology is a bit stereotypical but used to good effect. It plays off the notion that grandparents typically aren’t as good at tech as their grandchildren. Although the scene involving the computer shows that Grandpa can learn about computers and do something prank-worthy there as well. Liked that exchange.

Sometimes the corny family-friendly comedy works

This isn’t high brow comedy. It doesn’t feature a sardonic a-hole in the lead smirking at the camera constantly (looking at you Andy Samberg) or some hyper political satire (Borat!), it’s just an old guy waging war — yes, sometimes very silly and immature — against his grandson.

Looking over the other reviews, we’re trending toward the minority on this one by liking it (so did audiences at Rotten Tomatoes). We might have been a bit high on the star rating, but so what. We had a good time watching it. That’s what we go to the movies for: to have a good time, to be entertained, to laugh, cry or feel something else. When it comes to comedy, at least in our criteria, we aren’t as critical on everything being plausible. Comedy shouldn’t be as constrained. Some of our favorite comedy movies are farce.

You wouldn’t want to play dodgeball against one half of Cheech and Chong and Christopher Walkin?


Reviews by Others

What do others think of The War With Grandpa?


  1. Another Millennial Reviewer: “Overall, too tame to be enjoyed by some, schlock for the most part and clearly a paycheck for De Niro, but it does have its moments and Walken and Thurman steal the show”
  2. David Craig Movies: “…is a bit of fluff. But so is cotton candy and who doesn’t like cotton candy?”
  3. Guy At The Movies (3/5): “Why this was not sent straight to streaming I will never understand, but this was a simply fine movie that, much like many other films I’ve watched recently, are harmless escapes from the current insanity of the world. “
  4. Irish Film Critic (3/5): “…it is 94 minutes of pure harmless fun and hijinks.”
  5. The Legionnaire: “There is nothing special about The War with Grandpa. Then again, any time you have an opportunity to instill in younger audiences the values of peace and family, that is worth something. “
  6. Mirza Baig: “Yes it is predictable, and the pranks are sometimes unintelligent, but I was left delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed watching this one.”
  7. Writer of Pop: “While I can’t say that The War with Grandpa deserves an “A,” I can say that it does make for a good, solid “B” and a good enough excuse to get out of the house to see it – providing you can find a theater that is open.”

Not Recommended

  1. Daniel M. Kimmel (1.5/5): “It’s passable, if forgettable, entertainment for the 8-to-12 set, but please wait until it comes to streaming which – although no date has been announced – it will undoubtedly happen soon enough.”
  2. Dewey’s Movies: “…isn’t even entertaining for children. The comedic moments that DeNiro is known for are a result of playing off his tough-guy persona and, in the film, rely on his physical comedy. Really? Even those moments come off dull. Yes, we have seen that old freak out because of creatures gag tons of times. There’s no logical reason to tell anyone to mask up and see the film in a theater. For that matter, there’s no reason to even pay for it on-demand. Let’s pretend this film never happened”
  3. Forrest Hartman (2.5/4): “I do understand this is a movie and suspension of disbelief is part of the game. If you are willing to embrace a cinematic world where Grandpa can fall from towering heights without winding up in a coma and where Peter is too dim to see this as a horrifying possibility, “The War With Grandpa” is sort of fun.”
  4. Howard For Film: “Though the book has received much love over the years, there is little to love about this witless film. With the exception of one mildly amusing line about a diaper (which is in the trailer), the comedy, as it is, lands with a thud”
  5. Jerome Reviews (4/10): “Robert De Niro is the only real positive here. He tries his best with a very unfunny script and not a whole lot to work with, I will say there are some charming moments between the two characters Ed and Peter. But with every few charming moments comes some very unfunny slapstick that makes you roll you eyes, “
  6. Josh Lasser (2.5/5): “…my son, a couple years younger than Peter, thought the movie was hysterical and that if he could get his hands on some of the materials Peter uses, I’d have some fears for my father-in-law. But, without the equipment, he’s probably just waiting for a sequel. I, however, am not.”
  7. Real Movie Critic: “The pranks and gags can be amusing, but it seems like there was too much focus on that instead of trying to make a better story. In the end, it is another kids movie where families will have to endure once again.”

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The War With Grandpa ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

The War With Grandpa – PG – 1 hr 34 min
NO SPOILERS Movie Review
Watched in theater Sunday October 18, 2020
AMC Kent Station 14 – Kent, Washington
#37 new movie seen in theater in 2020

Robert De Niro plays the Grandpa who takes over his grandson’s room. His daughter (Uma Thurman) moves him into their house because Grandpa is getting up in age and isn’t coping well with the passing of his wife. His grandson, Peter, is forced to move upstairs into the dark, bat and mouse infested attic. This, of course, is grounds for war.

Peter draws up a declaration of war and slides it under Grandpa’s door. He signs it as the Super Soldier. The real fun starts when Grandpa doesn’t just give in, he fights back by launching a series of pranks on his own. One of the war agreements they make is not to have any collateral damage, and yet the funniest parts of the movie involve this type of damage.

One example involves Uma Thurman and a policeman who pulls up beside her car. I laughed out loud at what transpired in one of these very well-timed scenes. It’s that physical kind of comedy that worked so well on I Love Lucy. There are shades, very light admittedly, of that here.

There are cliches in the story that can almost be overlooked like the middle school bully that takes out his angst on Peter and his friends. There are Grandpa’s friends, hilariously played by Christopher Walken (if only we had more of Walken!) and Cheech Marin (of Cheech and Chong!). This movie deserves a movie with just the three of these guys played robbing banks or something like Going In Style.

I didn’t realize this was an adaptation of a novel, same name, by Robert Kimmel Smith. The screenplay is by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember. No idea how faithful adaptation it is, differences, etc, so maybe somebody else there has read the book and can compare on that front.

Uma Thurman is competent as the mom and daughter. Rob Riggio plays Artie/Arthur the somewhat estranged son-in-law. The only characters with any real depth are Peter and Grandpa. They do grow throughout the film and while there is a fun battle between the two, both always seem to remember that they love each other.

As a movie, it worked better than I thought. This was better than the trailer, which had me thinking it would be another lame family friendly movie along the lines of Home Alone, but not nearly as good. You can hear Kara and I talking about the movie in our just left the theater car ride below. We do this after watching every new movie in theaters.

It has some genuine funny moments and provided an entertaining time at the theater. I can see why it was selling out with the reduced capacity theater. It’s the kind of feel-good movie that you can take kids to see. There aren’t a lot of other new movies out right now that are this family-friendly.

Kara really liked this and rated it higher than me. It surprised me enough to earn three stars and I added another half star for the ending that tied up several loose ends. There is also a nice message to the movie about the consequences of wars. A helpful lesson that parents can discuss with and help better educate their children on the way home.

Rating (out of 5 stars): ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ (Todd) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Kara)

On Our Way To Alternate AMC Movie Theater, Other Is “SOLD OUT” for Film We Want To See

The War With Grandpa on Sunday sold out all 4 screenings at the closest AMC to us

It’s reopening weekend at AMC in the greater Seattle/Tacoma Washington area and we had planned to see The War With Grandpa as our second movie this weekend, but the theater where we watched Honest Thief is already sold out (pictured above).

It’s OK, we have several other reopened AMC locations to choose from that have available seats and we already reserved seats at another theater. It’s interesting to note on this reopening weekend because Honest Thief is on its first weekend opening and we’re not seeing the same amount of “SOLD OUT” for that.

This is a very small sampling of data, completely unscientific I’m certain, but curious to note since The War With Grandpa, according to box office sales projections is #2 behind Honest Thief.

The other thing to mention is now that we’re both signed up for AMC A-List passes, we took advantage of their Entourage option to easily reserve tickets for both of us online. It can be done through the application as well and the best part is there are none of those onerous convenience fees like Regal charges.

A review will be forthcoming.

Opening 10-16-2020 in Theaters: Honest Thief, 2 Hearts

Honest Thief: 10/16/2020

Wednesday, week #42 of 2020 (10/16-10/18/2020)

It’s up to a thieving character seeking redemption and romance played by Liam Neeson in Honest Thief to set our popcorn munching stage this weekend. 2 Hearts will debut to tug at the romantics heartstrings.

Also, there’s Robert De Niro and friends in The War With Grandpa and the music story Yellow Rose that premiered last weekend for those of us that didn’t have any theaters open nearby to enjoy.

Can’t believe we’re talking about *4* new movies to see in movie theaters. It almost feels like before the pandemic.

Honest Thief

This trailer gives me a Taken vibe, especially when Liam Neeson tells the corrupt cop he’s coming for him. That calm “I’m going to F you up” is pure Neeson gold. No idea how good this will be, but it will be our first movie at an AMC theater in 2020 and our 36th new movie watched in theaters this year overall.

Anticipation: 7/10

2 Hearts

Lots of guys without shirts in the trailer! Based on an inspirational true story. Hmm … not sure what to say about this trailer. It’s giving me a lifetime movie vibe which means Kara will like it, but not sure it’s my thing. I do like a good romance and have enjoyed some lifetime movies, so maybe this will be a pleasant surprise, but anticipation is low.

Anticipation: 2/10

The War With Grandpa (premiere 10/9/19)

The more times I watch this trailer, the dumber I feel for looking somewhat forward to seeing this. I think it’s the great cast of actors involved (Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, etc). With the $3.6 million it made last weekend with all Regal Cinemas closed makes me think other moviegoers were hopeful this would be entertaining, too. Could also be that it was the only brand new wide release movie available last weekend. Doubtful it outsells Honest Thief this weekend, but good luck to it!

Anticipation: 4/10

Yellow Rose (premier 10/9/2020)

Sure has won a lot of awards. Wait, here comes border enforcement to shatter the country music dream. This could be one of those that I don’t think I’ll enjoy but do. Anticipation is low, but that doesn’t say anything about whether or not it will be good.

Anticipation: 3/10

Which of these movies, if any, are you looking forward to seeing? Wherever you are watching movies, happy watching to you!

The War With Grandpa Takes #1 Spot + Stephen King “Feels Terrible” For Empty Theater

Every movie, even the best ones, eventually fall from the #1 spot.

These dim theater days it only takes $3.6 million for the weekend box office to be #1. That honor has been Tenet’s for weeks, but this last weekend it goes to Robert De Niro and company with The War With Grandpa.

Despite the loss of more than 500 Regal Theaters, total grosses went up this weekend. Led by newcomer “The War with Grandpa,” the top 10 grossed about $9.7 million. That’s up from $8.5 million last weekend. With so many library titles adding to the pot, the full take might reach $13 million. By comparison. 2019 saw $141 million on Columbus Day weekend.

Tenet No Longer #1 as The War With Grandpa Wins Weekend Box Office | IndieWire

Meanwhile, Stephen King went to theaters Saturday night — lucky guy that he was able to patronize an open theater in his area, ours are all closed around here until this Friday — and the king of horror felt “terrible for the film industry.”

Low box office sales are scaring studios in all kinds of bad ways right now, but even so, War With Grandpa showed people are still attending movies in theaters.

We will be this coming weekend too.