10+ The Platform Reviews – Don’t Watch While Eating

The Platform ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

If someone tells you that Netflix doesn’t have much worth watching these days, then they are missing out on some truly great movies and TV shows. It’s an entertainment bargain for fifteen odd bones a month.

This one is one of the darker offerings and it is one of those rare films that actually stands up as entertainment and strong message without being overly preachy or stupid.

“I went into watching ‘the platform’ on netflix thinking it was just a thriller movie, but i was not expecting to be educated on how scary capitalism and classicism can be (at this point it’s common sense, but the way they presented the idea was interesting).”

Netflix’s eye-opening horror The Platform leaves fans too scared to sleep – Mirror Online

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Dude, you’re standing in the food!

I think the standing in the food that other levels would be eating was just one of several cringe moments. Imagine someone walking around in the food you’re about to eat. You’re hungry, but hey, somebody just walked through it. Do you? Don’t you?

It’s that sort of viewer anxiety this causes involving food tampering by many prisoners in levels above you … and yet you’re hungry.

Reviews by Others

How do others feel about The Platform? Let’s find out.


  1. CameronHall: “…is simple, but manages to be a nearly perfect example of taking a concept and exploring in the most interesting, jarring ways.”
  2. Cinema from the Spectrum: “While the film doesn’t quite make the most that it could with the creative concept it’s without any hesitation an entertaining enough ride for a little over an hour and a half.”
  3. Eddie / Jordan & Eddie The Movie Guys (3.5/5): “….will make you look at food and humanity in a different light and there are times where this Spanish offering is downright brilliant but after a strong opening,”
  4. From The Mind Of Victor Lovecraft Anderson: “It didn’t really “make me think” the way a Tarkovsky film might (I checked off Stalker from my watchlist a few days prior to seeing this), although it did make me a bit hungry.”
  5. Jade / The U: “In its visually compelling analogy, The Platform carries with it an unsettling critique on the flaws of modern society.”
  6. The Critic / The Critic’s Sanctum (9.2/10): “The story is nuanced, brutal, and more pertinent now than ever. If you’re looking for clear answers you might find yourself frustrated. This is a cerebral horror that delivers on its themes and its scares in equal part.”
  7. WRITE DRUNK, EDIT DRUNK: “It’s an 80 minute movie, so take less than an hour and a half out of your day and give this a shot. Delightfully wicked, soberingly blunt, and fearless in its execution,”
  8. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “Just like the prison, this film has many layers, and its story will stick with me for quite some time.”

Not Recommended (undecided or undeclared)

  1. After Misery (3/5): “…doesn’t really have the finishing touch that the story requires so it gets fairly vague with the resolution. Its theme obviously has a lot to say about the wealthy versus poor and treating those who are less fortunate than you.”
  2. filmreviews12 / The Reviews (2/4): “Though the movie delivers many effective and startling moments against the backdrop of self-evident but brilliantly vivid messaging, there’s so much going on throughout that it’s all the more disappointing when the film can’t really piece it all together in the end.”
  3. Movie Metropolis: “…is highly watchable depending on how much you hate life right now. This film doesn’t show many forms of kindness in the human condition and therefore makes this a pretty unbelievable platform to want to witness and take too serious.”
  4. The Game of Nerds: “….is too simplistic in its conclusion, and it upends the entire film. For most of the runtime, the film is incredibly bleak and violent, then there’s a pivot to wish-fulfillment that feels jarring. There’s plenty of smart and effective social commentary here, but it leads to solutions that feel divorced from that intelligence.”
  5. themidnightshowingblog: “Sadly where our hero ends up and the lack of resolution for the faceless Administration prompts me to deem The Platform on the lower end of the spectrum in regards to dystopian thrillers.”

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