13+ The New Mutants Reviews – young superheroes imprisoned doesn’t work well

The New Mutants ⭐️⭐️

This is a frustrating movie. It doesn’t go full in on being a superhero film nor the promise of being horror is spoiled by not being scary (enough). What we’re left with is a mostly one setting drama often poorly straddling two genres.

“But then, I was disappointed when they didn’t give Dani braids, although I like Blu Hunt,” he added. “I was disappointed when Rahne wasn’t a redhead with spiky hair, although I adore Maisie Williams. I was disappointed that Sam isn’t tall and gawky, although I do like Charlie Heaton. But mainly I was very disappointed that Roberto isn’t short and dark-skinned. Yet another example of Hollywood white-washing. There’s just no excuse. So basically, Josh Boone erased everything I contributed to the way the characters look. And now, the movie has come out at last, and apparently they’ve credited someone named Bob Macleod as co-creator. They couldn’t even be bothered to check the spelling of my name sometime in the last three years. And that can’t be fixed. That will be on the movie forever. I think I’m done with this movie.”

The New Mutants Director Deletes Instagram Following Film’s Debut

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Superheroes need multiple settings to put their powers on display

My biggest problem with this film was how boring it was having these young X-Men mutants confined to a hospital. The confinement is boring. Mutants need to fly to wondrous places, if you have fire, then you need to burn some stuff besides yourself, if you have a weaponized arm, you need to shoot something.

Alas, every super power is constrained, trapped in this prison like the graphic above, an indentation of what could be, but not what is.

Yeah, this doesn’t work for a superhero story. Not even an anti-hero story. It might work as a drama, but waking up in a hospital is very cliched.

The acting was … not very good

The actors didn’t have much to work with, granted, but they didn’t do much with what they had either. Did they read this script before signing on to star in the film? I guess it was like, “cool, we’re making a Marvel movie!” instead of, “read the script, it blows, no thanks.”

How dare I suggest to actors that sometimes they should pass on projects, but this is one of them.

Zero desire to see another New Mutants story

Maybe not even zero, can we talk negative numbers? We gave this two stars? If not for the promise of what it could have been, I don’t see why. The more I think back to the feeling watching the movie, the less I liked the experience. Not entertaining, mostly boring, but brief flashes showing it had potential.

Sigh. This is not, not, not the movie to get moviegoers back after the pandemic.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of The New Mutants?


  1. Black Gekikara: “I am envious of you Americans who get to witness this in IMAX and I pray that they release the UNCUT version with the bluray! It is so obvious it was cut down and while they still managed to keep the story streamlined, it was too much water-down! Put some meat back on that bone and throw it down my throat Fox!!!!”
  2. Cinema Spotlight / Jason: “It’s flaws lie in its lack of conviction as its cross-genre approach has potential but in the end the final product feels too safe and self-limited to take full advantage of its broader goals and ideas. I still found it quite enjoyable and, considering that the planned trilogy is all but canceled at this point, it works well enough as a standalone film with its own identity to warrant some rewatchablity.”
  3. Elena Square Eyes (3/5): “…is just fine really. It could’ve been scarier, and it could’ve delved more into these characters, so it doesn’t end up fulfilling the potential of its concept. It has a 90 minute runtime and you do feel that, an extra 20 minutes could’ve done wonders for character development and allowed for scenes to breathe as it was hard to gauge how long Danielle and the others had been in the facility before everything went wrong.”
  4. Funk’s House of Geekery (6/10): “When you balance out the solid casting and engaging actors with the shonky script and cheesy dialogue you get a mid-level movie among the X-Men franchise. It’s unlikely to kick things back into gear, but it’s not a waste of your time.”
  5. Plain Simple Tom Reviews: “Not terrible, yet also nothing special, The New Mutants has a decent story and setting, as well as a standout performance from Anya Taylor-Joy, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the franchise and will be forgotten about before too long.”
  6. TL;DR Movie Reviews: “In the end, do we recommend The New Mutants? Well, look, sure. It is a perfectly okay film, and if you are a fan of the mutants, there might be some fun moments seeing them brought to the big screen. But if you are looking for a final chapter, this is not the film for you.      “

Not Recommended

  1. 9 Takes / Menkaure IX (4/10): “Overall, the movie is entertaining, but it lacks the star and acting power to elevate it to the same league as other Marvel entries. While tolerable as it was, it just feels like an unremarkable B-movie.”
  2. Alex Wiggan / It’s A Stampede: “So, after all this time, after all the countless stories and rumours about the quality of the movie, and after all back-and-forth over the release dates, is The New Mutants any good? No. No it is not.”
  3. Jason / Jason’s Movie Blog: “…doesn’t quite live up to its own inherit hype and ultimately comes across as a almost predictable hodgepodge mess of film genres and concept ideas that might sound good on paper, but lack the substance execution in reality to make everything flow properly.”
  4. Keith & The Movies (1.5/5): “It’s pretty clear the countless production hurdles and delays took their toll. He still deserves credit for sticking by the project and all those involved and seeing it through. I just wish the results were better. Instead “The New Mutants” is a hard-to-embrace grind”
  5. Matthew Liedke on Film (2/5): “…despite leaning into horror territory, never really goes all the way with it. The film just isn’t all that scary, and most fans of the horror genre will just see another superhero action flick with some scarier antagonists.”
  6. Often Off Topic: “I feel very ‘meh’ about this movie. What’s with the kids’ powers? One bursts into flames, is that not an existing X-Men power? Another is basically a wolf. One can…move really quickly. Then there’s Anya Taylor-Joy’s character Illyana, arguably the coolest character of the bunch”
  7. PopCult: “…is a total waste of resources on characters that deserved so much better. Boone & Lee take elements from the Chris Claremont/Bill Sienkiewicz run on the title but remix them in a wholly uninteresting and cliched way. The interpersonal dynamics feel half-hearted, and cookie-cutter, especially the way Illyana is presented.”
  8. Screen Zealots / Louisa (2/5): “…a young adult franchise that probably won’t go anywhere after this cinematic entry, and I won’t be losing any sleep over it.”
  9. Trailer Trashed: “…now ‘The New Mutants’ is finally here, it is just so disappointing.  I mean I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, I am well past the point of expecting any X-Men related property to wow me in any way.  But I was hoping for at least a semi-scary, entertaining story about kids with weird superpowers. “

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The New Mutants ⭐️⭐️

The New Mutants – PG-13 – 98 min (IMAX)
NO SPOILERS Movie Review
Watched in theater Thursday August 27, 2020
Regal 16 Cinemas – Lacey, Washington
#30 new movie seen in theaters in 2020

Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) and her father run away from something ominous lurking outside. He hides her by a tree and seconds later is killed. As some gigantic hulking figure approaches, she passes out,

Dani wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed. Dr. Reyes (Alice Braga) comes to her calls for help and releases her, telling her that she’s having her mutant powers monitored to protect her from hurting herself or others. She is introduced to Rahne (Maise Williams), who shows Dani around the hospital grounds, explaining they are all held there as Dr. Reyes studies their mutant abilities.

The entire movie takes place at the hospital grounds either inside the building or outside within the confines of an Under The Dome invisible shield. The other mutants include Illyana (Anya Taylor-Joy), who wields a light saber like weapon out of her arm and has glowing eyes. There is a guy that flies around super fast attaching himself to a stone so he doesn’t bounce off the shield another that can go all human torch. We never really get to know anything about the other mutants, as to how they got their powers, what challenges they are having with them, etc. Viewers are expected to just acknowledge they are mutants. We almost needed a TV show or something to develop these characters before a movie about them, because it just feels like important parts are missing.

This movie feels and is very familiar to others in the young superhero genre, only it less entertaining than most. Dani’s inability — and others — to understand the origins of her mutant power forms the bulk of the movie. The run time, despite being a little over 90 minutes still feels too long and plodding. The pacing is jacked up, as it never really generates any tension or suspense other than the opening scene. Not even the ending feels like we’ve built up to something epic and amazing. Instead, it’s like, well we better wrap up this situation.

It would have worked better as a short versus a feature length film. There just isn’t enough happening, either from the interplay between the mutants and their captor/doctor and themselves. There’s some same sex kissing between Dani and another mutant, but not even this relationship builds. This is but one of several wasted opportunities.

The list of questions pile up more than answers are provided by the time the ending comes along.

Caught this in IMAX, which looked very sharp and crisp. Some scenes, like the opening one, were somewhat disorienting with the shaky camera work, but overall the film looked and sounded good.

The biggest problem with The New Mutants is lack of fresh, compelling material. The characters are there, but they are setup with no significant payoffs or entertaining arcs. It’s like the creative team got together with a white board and threw story elements in: hey, let’s have some female-female kissing, but no real love story, let’s have a guy who can turn into fire, a guy that runs fast, a woman with a Star Wars light saber arm, another woman that can turn into a wolf.

Just a mostly aimless film. Put it all together and it’s mediocre to OK at best. I’m going to lean in the direction of mediocre after sleeping on the review for the film. In my just left the theater video review I leaned the other way.

It doesn’t deserve the extra half star. Not recommended.

Rating (out of 5 stars): ⭐️⭐️

Opening 8-28-2020 in Theaters: The New Mutants, The Personal History Of David Copperfield

Movies coming to our local Regal Cinemas theaters August 28, 2020

Wednesday, week #35 of 2020 (8/27-8/30/2020).

*2* new movies in theaters this coming weekend, starting Thursday August 27, 2020.

The New Mutants are being shown in IMAX format.

The New Mutants

The last superhero/comic book character movie I saw in 2020 was Vin Diesel in Bloodshot. Not very entertained with that one, so hoping this one is better. Probably will catch it in IMAX, as we haven’t seen anything in IMAX in awhile.

Anticipation: 5/10

The Personal History of David Copperfield [LIMITED]

Listed as a comedy, the trailer makes this appear more like a period piece on David Copperfield. Not sure what to make of this, but it might surprise me. Not very interested in seeing.

Anticipation: 2/10

Regal Cinemas reportedly opening more theaters in our area on August 28

It looks like our favorite theater, including the one with the super comfortable recliner seats, will be reopening on August 28. Should be just in time to catch at least one of these two new movies. Regal lists their reopening list here: https://www.regmovies.com/static/en/us/theatre-reopening-dates#28

Since Kara has no interest in seeing The New Mutants, I’ll likely be watching that solo on Thursday night in IMAX.

Do you have movies in theaters in your area?

Will repeat this section weekly for a few weeks as theaters across the United States continue to reopen.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any theaters reopened this weekend and, if so, you have plans to see anything?

If you’re waiting to see what other reports are of the movie theater reopening experience, the safety or lack thereof, it’s all good, we’ll have that covered at least what our experience was like. Some medical experts are saying it’s not safe to return to the movie theaters yet.

10 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in April 2020

NOTE: This post will continue to be updated until the end of April 2020, as movie release dates change, sometimes within weeks of the scheduled release date

UPDATE 4/11/2020: With the coronavirus pandemic, most theaters have closed and planned release dates have changed. A strikethru on the release date and/or title indicates the planned date has changed.

The following are movie trailers and my early thoughts for all films tentatively scheduled coming to theaters in April 2020.

If you’d like to see a list of all movies released in 2020 click here (that post will be updated throughout the year).

2020 Theater Releases
JAN | FEB | MAR | APRIL 2020

If you’d like to see a list of all movies released in 2020 click here (that post is being updated throughout the year). Most releases profiled below are WIDE screenings showing on 2,000+ theater screens in the United States. If the movie title has the word LIMITED following then it means it’s being released on less than 2,000 screenings in the United States.

All movie release dates unless otherwise indicated are for the United States, the release dates in other countries may vary.

April 2020 Movies

The New Mutants

The New Mutants opens in theaters April 3, 2020 (no new release date announced)

The trailer makes me think of this as a darker X-Men spinoff, which is what it seems to be.

Anticipation for The New Mutants: 6/10

The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds opens in theaters April 3, 2020 (Purchased by Netflix, no release date announced)

“Take… the grease!” — the funny part of the trailer, but no comedy can survive on the humor of one joke. I’m worried about the comedic chemistry between this couple based on the trailer, as they don’t seem to be all that funny together, although the situations they are placed in look humorous. Will this be another Like a Boss on the humor scale? Could be. I’m interested though, because I enjoy comedies.

Anticipation for The Lovebirds: 5/10

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Peter Rabbit 2 official trailer – opening in theaters April 3, 2020 (moved to Jan 15, 2021)

Haven’t seen the first Peter Rabbit film, but this seems like it’s in that middleworld between children-friendly and adults. Trailer isn’t making me super excited for the movie. Was surprised to see it grossed over $350 million, which explains the presence of this sequel less than two years later.

Anticipation for Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is: 2/10

No Time To Die

No Time To Die opens wide in theaters on April 10, 2020 (moved to Nov 25, 2020)

The last Bond film for Daniel Craig, will he go out with a whimper or roar? I’m voting on somewhere in the middle. He’s got Rami Malek as a villain and that could amp everything up. I hope Bond doesn’t go off the rails into something completely unnoticeable after this. Just get another Bond (a guy, sorry, I don’t think it should be a woman playing James Bond 007). Then again, there is a female 007 in this movie. We’ll find out soon.

Anticipation for No Time To Die: 9/10

The Secret: Dare To Dream

The Secret: Dare to Dream opens in theaters April 17, 2020 (moved, no release date announced)

I remember seeing this book everywhere and wondering what the “Secret” was? In mid April I’ll find out. Could have always read the book, I suppose, but wasn’t that motivated. The teaser trailer is equally enigmatic and mostly just toting sales stats. While that’s impressive, I already knew it was popular. Guess I need to see a trailer showing something that actually happens in the movie to be excited.

Anticipation for The Secret: Dare To Dream: 3/10

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman opens in theaters on April 17, 2020 (moved, release date TBA)

This trailer makes it look like the woman is hunting men by setup. She pretends to be too drunk and waits for them to take advantage of them and then does … what to them? Revenge is called out, but we don’t actually see any taking place. I’m getting a black widow spider vibe to this tale. Somewhat eager to see it.

Anticipation for Promising Young Woman: 5/10

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour official trailer #1

And now the second trailer:

Troll World Tour final trailer — opens wide in theaters April 17, 2020 (VOD released on April 10, 2020)

Our grandchildren are huge Trolls fans and must admit I like them, too. The sequel idea based on different tribes of trolls having a specific musical genre is sound, but I wonder why rock and roll always gets such a bad rap? It’s good music and I’d argue it’s better than some other types. Still, a troll tribe rolling around to the music of Ozzy Osbourne sounds like the making of a killer soundtrack at least. Looking forward to this.

Anticipation for Trolls World Tour: 7/10

Monster Problems — no trailer available to evaluate anticipation. Scheduled to open in theaters on April 17, 2020 (moved to Feb 21, 2021)


Antebellum opens in theaters on April 24, 2020 (moved, no release date announced)

After a string of bad horror films starting off 2020, my anticipation for this one is reduced. Then again, maybe this will be better because it’s following the sequel to A Quiet Place. It seems to be some kind of evil force based on or originating from slave catching times? Sort of has a more vengeful Harriet vibe going, but that could be totally off.

I cheated a bit and peeked at the Wikipedia page.

Successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a nightmarish reality and must find a way to break free of the horrors at hand.

Wikipedia for Antebellum

So, is this more of a Nightmare on Elm Street meets Harriet?

Anticipation for Antebellum: 3/10

Bad Trip
RELEASE DATE CHANGED from Feb 28 to April 24, 2020

Bad Trip official trailer – opening in theaters February 24, 2020 (moved, no release date announced)

Looks like reality TV gone wild. Sign me up! Will admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of reality TV, but there have been some shows (I liked Cops,The Osbournes and Gene Simmons Family Jewels and some others). The whole catch the audience real reactions to crazy scenes is often too gimmicky to hold my interest through a TV series, but in a movie maybe it will work. This one looks like it could be very funny, I just hope the trailer isn’t showing the best parts.

A little skeptical because they moved back the date. Most delayed films suggest production problems and/or negative initial screen testing. Haven’t heard that to be the case here, so we’ll see what kind of trip this is soon.

Anticipation for Bad Trip: 6/10

Ranking the April 2020 movies by anticipation (as of this writing)

  1. No Time To Die – 9/10
  2. Trolls World Tour – 7/10
  3. The New Mutants – 6/10
  4. Bad Trip – 6/10
  5. The Lovebirds – 5/10
  6. Promising Young Woman – 4/10
  7. Antebellum – 3/10
  8. The Secret: Dare To Dream – 3/10
  9. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway – 2/10
  10. Monster Problems – no rating / no trailer

What movies in April 2020 are you looking forward to seeing?

FIRST LOOK: The New Mutants

For some reason, Marvel keeps wanting to return to X-Men in various forms. Perhaps because there are so many different mutants with a wealth of potential storylines available to draw from.

This spinoff offeres deeper cut teenage mutants:

A new group of teenaged mutant superheroes which includes include Native American Danielle Moonstar, Scots girl Wolfsbane, Brazilian ladies man Sunspot, a Kentuckian code-named Cannonball and Russian teen Magik all train at the Xavier Institute.

Movie Insider story info

The whole “teenaged” part of the description puts me off a little. I haven’t really found many young superhero movies that enjoyable or entertaining. Like the box art, which suggests some sort of trapped, pent-up rage, constrained within their human form. Sort of like Hulk inside Bruce Banner. Or maybe it’s just there to show that these mutants are trapped inside the characters?

Let’s dig into the trailer.

On April 3, we’ll find out what’s happening with The New Mutants.

Random Trailer Thoughts

  • Comic book characters profiled: Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Magik, Cecila Reyes (the Professor Xavier type doctor type), Mirage and Sunspot. I have no idea who any of these characters are (deeper cuts?), but the powers of the teens displayed in the trailer are intriguing.
  • Liked the use of Pink Floyd! “We don’t need no ed-u-cation!” — these mutants aren’t interested in schooling or to “get better”
  • As of this writing in the trailer, the film isn’t rated yet. Wonder what that rating will be? PG-13?
  • Clearly from the trailer a darker than normal superhero story. Not quite a Brightburn⭐️⭐️⭐️ darkness, but heading that direction with an X-Men bent.

The New Mutants opens in theaters on April 3, 2020.